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    Next Features..we need Action

    Big Patch is Nice!..also Combat system ..,)
    Next,i wish now more action for us Players:
    - Random spawn in the world of BANDITGROUPS or Groups of Zombies (5-10 Man) with big Aggroradius
    - Horses which we can ride and can order at the Totem.
    HORSES EXAMPLE for first Time:
    If a new Player join a Tribe he can order a horse (later with many colors and so on/leveling the horse) at the City totem!
    Now the Horse is Spawning in the City.All the horses can captured/ride from any player now!
    Bring your Horse in the Horse house
    - Bow/spear---ranged combat
    - anything with Heal-->A Plant,Stone which is radiating a big Radius
    - then Walls/Gates destroyable 100000 Live or so and if it is down it disappear (for the first Time-->later destroy models of the Walls/Gates)
    - PVP Activation for City Totem
    - (Alliance Chat)
    - (catapult model for attacking)
    with this things we--->Players ...can do many activity in game
    and the DEV-Team more Time for the last Features as TAMING,Cooking and so on

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    Maybe keep the 'spawn' horses out of this game. I don't like when stuff just appears without a reason.. Especially in this game where it is supposed to breed and not spawn.
    Make them captured through animal taming and let horses be rare whereas mules and bears are more common mounts.

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