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    OK, I have been biting my tounge on this topic and I can't stay they fringe hounds any longer.

    We need fringe. What respectable leather wearing mountain man (or woman) goes without fringe? Look at all the examples provided by history, Buffalo Bill (although this guy was not really a mountain man, but he stole the idea from them ), Daniel Boone, Davy Crocket. These guys all had fringe! Sure it would be a nightmare to code,... sure it would cause more lag, but hey, Ya just gotta have it!

    OK, I feel better. Back to work.

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    Why not

    I say you should get your leather fringe, but only after I get my bow and arrow

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    Fringe would be cool. Should maybe give the garment some rain resistance qualities, which I think is the idea in real life. Water can run-off in a more directed way.

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    I'm ambivalent to fringe (would be kinda cool, but other things need done first in my opinion) but I do find it funny that you would clarify that Buffalo Bill wasn't a mountain man, but then throw in Davy Crockett without a similar caveat. The man was a politician, not what the 70's tv show would lead you to believe, he dressed like that to get votes. Though he did build up a hell of an image.

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    Boone and Crockett were both politicians, but hey I can't be bothered with facts, I Need Fringe!!

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