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    Post July...5 realistic things you want in game

    Like it says people start putting out.

    I'll get the ball rolling.

    1) Shops (the ability to make a shop and sell or buy stuff).
    2) Creatable junk piles (when you drag an item out the inventory window instead of discard it's added to an invisible number on the till under you that will at some point become a junk tile).
    3) Small structure purpose (have them do things, like tent give energy regen bonus etc).
    4) automatic tribal zone expansion.
    5) nameable bins.

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    ok, here goes...

    1) Make all actions in the action menu functional. Seriously - I know some actions will take alot of coding, but the game never should have been released without all aspects of the UI being in game. This includes hunting, animal taming, agriculture, etc... This is not a shot at the developers, just a general comment.
    2) Some manner of transporting large amounts of materials/resources. Whether it be pull sleds, wagons, pack animals, teleporters (kidding), or whatever. If resources are now distributed throughout the world to promote trade, make the trade reasonable. Filling a basket at someones tribal area & having them kill you is not reasonable (especially with the upcoming death penalty). This NEEDS to be done prior to implementing shops (so folks can buy large quantitys of bricks, dirt, sticks, etc...)
    3) I like nameable bins.
    4) ZOMBIES!!! 'Nuff said.
    5) Spawning at world events. Right now, one of the few in-game high lights are world events (few as they are). Implement something that would allow players to spawn at the event when they are killed. Part of this coding could include "entrance fees" to go toward rewards, auto-ports to the area, etc... This would free up the guides from taking care of the players and allow them to focus on running the event AND make the ability availible to tribes so they can host their own.

    These are just my ideas and are centered around improvements & keeping up player interest and interaction.

    Feel free to comment.

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    1. Creatable Junk Piles
    2. Expansion Totems
    3. Various Bins (at least basket bin recipes added to game for GOD sake)
    4. Fix Scavenge
    5. Mobs in game that are worth the effort to hunt. Its pointless to have 5k mobs when 4700 of them have no real use yet.

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    1) An Arch prototype construction area (roped off section) That is immune to slope warnings to be used with terraform skill to true level an area a few different sizes would be nice, Hate having 1 little bump throw a wall section off.
    2) Wooden Chests yes its like a basket but should be able to keep outside of tents without the sever rain decay (once its added).
    3) Storage shed,cellar,warehouse (arch building that works like a mega bin.) 500 slots and/or the ability to over-stack slots 500 white wool Cloth taking only 1 slot.
    4) Torches, Braziers, or other light source besides campfires to light up our camps. I would like to see them able to be on stands, added to a wall section, and Held in off hand.
    5) Add the move menu (from arch) To Bins (and if made chests) so we can line them up better.

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    1)Ai that is harder, smarter, and something groups can fight for. With rewards that are worthwhile.
    2)Rares that mean something. Tons of rares in the game, but they seem to do almost no reward or real bonus.
    3)Allow people to change stats a lot faster. Right now it would be faster to reroll than it would be to try to change stats with use. Even after a 100s of hours of play.
    4)Carts or some type of transport of goods. With the removal of the exploit of dying with all your loot on you, you respawn with it.
    5)Soft cap thats a LOT more restrictive, with the pools.

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    Okay, here's my wish list (not that I expect that all can be done in July ...)

    1. A new game option (Check Box) called "Show all projects". Otherwise only completed projects are shown.

    2. Resource distribution/scavenging fixes: looks like the last patch is a step in the right direction but also broke some things. See thread in prelude section of forum.

    3. Stone. Like different metals have different benefits now (good change!) do the same for stones. Make us choose whether to use granite, limestone, basalt, chalk, flint, quartz, obsidian.

    4. Logging. I just came from an area where someone had cut all trees down (yeah, old story, I know). The logger didn't even bother to make logs but left the felt trees, thus the area was a thick mess of trees lying all around. Some drastic remedy is needed: make it so that cutting a tree removes a stat point.

    Stat points removed while cutting trees can only be recovered through woodworking.

    5. Death penalty. Permanent removal of a stat point through death seems reasonable. Drop all backpacks and pouches at location of death. Auto-set permissions of these packs and pouches to "public", i.e. everybody can pick what they like. I would like if the berry called "self-heal" would work (out of combat). That way one can heal up after a fight.

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    1) Consistant clicking to select items in a pack or pouch. Sometimes it takes one click, sometimes two, very annoying when doing things like gathering limestone and sorting it into a container as you gather it.

    2) To get the menu to open a basket the first time you click on it,... every time.

    3) To have the container open the first time you select open, ...every time.

    4) To stop auto selecting walls and structures when holding down the right mouse button to steer your character.

    5) Pack animals or carts. Some way to carry heavy loads. I'm tired of dieing to get stuff back to my homestead.

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    1. Revert back to making players select 1 craft skill and not have access to every craft. (Or done in such a way that you can't make everything, this is one of the biggest problems in the game right now, nobody needs anything because they can make everything)
    2. Travel by Mount.
    3. Ability to carry large amounts of product by wagon or pack animal.
    4. Ability to sell when not online. (Quest totem is broken and unusable)
    5. Buildings with storage slots based on building size. (Give them better purpose, end the clutter from bins)

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    1. Release ALL new zones at once. Also, release them with expansion totem only capabilities (I guess this isn't realistic for July, but should be one of the #1 overall goals)

    2. Mounts

    3. Signs/Carts/Player Shops (to sell personal items to the world and to tribe members)

    4. Is it possible to keep the view distance of transforming and buildings higher? It's far too easy to run by totem areas that you cannot see because the fade distance is too low.

    5. Can we possibly get some texture improvements? I'm not asking for a graphics overhaul or anything. But I mean, I don't even know how to code but I can create game worlds with far superior textures than Xsyon has Especially the terrain textures.

    There are even free textures out there that are better than these ones. Also, I'm sure you know where to get high resolution seamless textures. But for one reason or another they aren't in game?

    Also, anyway to move the grass closer to the ground? It's actually floating right now now. There's much better grass textures too

    Anyway, new textures wouldn't be that difficult especially if you didn't have to create them yourself. It might cost a few bucks, but certainly not more than a few dollars a texture. Probably less than a dollar each if you buy bulk I'm sure.

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    1. a fast mode of transport for me and a large amount of gear
    2. a massive increase in the numbers of creatures (pve is annoyingly rare atm) and have combat skills raise by killing stuff - i have killed hundreds of things and have never had an increase to my weapon skills, armed combat skills etc
    3. ability to craft multiple items with one click (i have carpal tunnel syndrome and this is really annoying and painful as is) and all items needed to craft things placed ingame - eg. human bones are so rare that some bonecraft recipes are a joke and small metal handles arent ingame
    4. static rare resourse hotspots to generate conflict and excitement
    5. fix the resourse table - i havent seen a bolt or nail since the last patch
    6. ability to regrow grass and trees

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