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    Ok, time to rage..

    Ok let me start off with, great game the potential is definitly there. I am fairly new, about 4 days i think. My first character was arc/log naturally, bad idea. tools tools tools. So I am thinking to myself I can fix this. So I delete my hard earned 3 day old toon and create another one. This time I got wisdom on my side, Toolmaker! From here "With some time and work" I can create what I need to survive. NOT!
    Let me say this, There is very little that sways me. I can do the lag, I can do disconnects, I can even do Payed Beta. Please understand. I see the team here working diligently to sort things out, cuddos to you and your team.
    However what I cannot do Is sheer lack of gameplay. Let me explain. As it stands I can only make one tool. Not because of recources, not because of lack of recipes, but because of lack of tools. Thats right, the tool maker does not have the correct tools to make tools he needs. I have been standing on this scap pile for 3/4 of the day searching and mining and I still can only make one tool due to the lack of tools. BTW, I already have the tool I am making LOL only a matter of time before my hammer breaks god forbid.
    NP! I will just trade and or mooch from the player base. Oh, wait a minute, there is no player base, no economy and no tools to be mooched and or earned. I would wander a bit and see if i could find somone but alas i get lost one block from my totem "no map". So unless I am missing somthing thats not there I am deadlock.
    This I cannot tolerate. On my day off I have managed 100 wrenches and no better off than I was this am. This will certinaly cause me to move on to better horizens.
    Ok, I feel better now My kingdom for a chisel. "i have the recipe, not the tools LOL"

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    Yep, starting can be hard.

    Only way is to get other people to help you, trade with you - but yes, with the population that's currently not the easiest thing either.

    Come over to zone 777 and I give you all the starter tools you need. I'm sure others will help too and post the zone where they are.

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    I am sorry to say, but I don't think perhaps you did enough research before deciding to play this game. What you describe is the really the way the mechanics of the game are suppose to work. It is ALL player driven. Meaning you need to interact with other or it is going to be a VERY long road. And it is "Post-Apocalypse" It's suppose to be a struggle with few survivors I started two months ago and I have 96 in wood-crafting, 100 in running (yes running all over trading with other, savaging etc) There are more players than appears. 95 in Terra-forming. 98 scavaging, 54 in Architecture. 76 in logging (I started with 25 logging and now thanks to the new patch, changes in logging allowed me to clean up 3 zones of downed wood in about 3 days gaining another 50) I ground tools up to 33 early so I could keep a supply of tools going. Yes I had to trade at first (a lot) to have enough tools to get mine going. And there are tons of people who will ask for little or nothing for supplies you need. But I still solo almost everything. I did all this in two months. So what I'm saying is that it is very do-able and much easier than you think. I believe the real problem is that you are very new, and still very un-familiar with the game. Give it a week and you will be cruising right along. I promise As for a Map, there is a very good one somewhere on the forum here but and we posted it here on our website. The coordinates are First number is Zone, next is West to East numbers going up heading east. Next number is South to North numbers going up heading north. Yes very backwards but it does work
    On a side note. Come find us (A Challenge?) and I can set you up with everything you need to get your tool crafting going, or anything else. We are very self sufficient in our short time in Xsyon, and if you see our camp, it may give you a little inspiration to keep going. Or whisper Riverspirit, Teak of Gynn in game. It really is a very fun (and addictive) game LOL.

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    I'm just lolling instead of being concerned.

    Did you even bother to read up on the NEW PLAYER GUIDE in this forum or others likewise?

    You will need to trade with people regardless of what you choose as a starting profession. That's it. It is like this in most games it just isn't usually 'till you are way into the craft. Instead dependencies are started from the beginning in Xsyon.

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    There is deffinetlly a player base - if you want to meet some potential helpers id suggest go to the starter zones or around the lake

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    move to zone 896 ill help ya out.

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    good old forums will find ya helpful friends to trade or mooch off.

    stay away from MrDDT though lol.

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    That's pretty sad to read. All the players could fit in a couple of zones, big empty world, new players can't find anyone to play with and leave... this really needs to be addressed or the game population will never grow. Reminds me too much of another game.

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