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    Questions for the Week 7/04 through 7/10

    Post your questions to the Devs below.

    Thank you.

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    Can we get a direction of where this game is going in the next few months?

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    Can we get an option to turn off the visible grass in game? Seems like giving us the option to turn this off would assist some players with loading times and/or performance issues.

    Is the thread dezgard started titled "5 realistic things you'd like to see in july" going to be what you guys really try to get done in July, based on which things people voted on the most?

    Will animal population be fixed any time soon? Some players, including myself, have systematically covered many zones in one session and not seen one animal the entire time. Taking hours to find an animal is nothing close to realistic and definitely isn't fun.

    Is underwater content possible, and if so, something you guys may do in the future? Obviously this would be a long ways away but I'm just curious. One use could be secret underground caves (player made AND natural, mind you) that you have to hold your breath and swim to the bottom of the lake to find the tunnel/entrance, popping up to a open cave below the water. Another could be scavenging certain items and maybe even foods that are only found on the floor of a body of water. Sunken ships anyone? =)

    It was once said that new weapon types were coded and 'ready' but we still haven't seen anything like this. Why hasn't this been turned on?

    Why have you been reluctant to add carts and portable water? People have been begging for both for nearly a year now and still we see nothing. The former is completely necessary for trade to flourish and the latter simply is common sense and also very necessary.

    When can we have signs? Nameable baskets?

    When will we be able to rotate arch structures at finer angles than just 90 degrees? The game world begins to look fairly plain and boring once you realize everything is perfectly 90 degrees everywhere. A slider to rotate buildings would be optimal, along with the ability to input a degree of rotation if you want.

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    Will animal taming, riding (and Cooking) be implemented anytime soon? Or any ETA on these. And if I understand this correctly, I read on the features page that "As societies will advance new features will become available to the larger, more civilized tribes and towns. Animal taming and riding" Am I reading this correct? If so why would those features only be available to larger tribes? Thanks.

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    1) A lot of players seem to think that there are hidden quality levels within a visible quality. Is this true? Eg. Does it matter if I've just turned 90 in lets say scavenging compared to another being 99 in scavenging?
    1a) The reason why I'm asking is some players say they've gotten worse quality when crafting items from Master quality items that were gathered with a high scavenging (lets say 92 for the example) than master quality items gathered and crafted when they were 100 in scavenging. The crafting skill you are using has at all times been 100 during this.
    2) You say you want slow skills gains so players will focus more on one side of the game, what if I want to change I'd have to spend months to redo my skills and stats to join another branch of the game, isn't that a bit harsh? I could understand it would be an undertaking over a week or two. My other major concern are people spec'ing for combat. What the hell are they supposed to do all day? Animals are rare and players are even more rare..

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