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    If anyone knows?

    Hello everybody i come from Greece and i wonder if there is a server in Europe.I'm interested on giving a try on Xsyon but i wonder if my ping goes too high and the game will be unplayable for me...I've tried another mmo and on the american server it was to high for me...If you don't know about my question maybee you can suggest who or where should i ask or in which site or link i can find something about it.

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    There are 2 Download servers, 1 in the US and 1 in the EU, these are simply used to download the game any future patches.
    The Game has only 1 playable server, this is located in the US.

    I am from the EU and have no problem with my ping. Around 124ms. Which is roughly what I get on most games.

    Hope this helps.

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    In our tribe we have members from several countries. Scotland, England, Germany, Sweden Norway & Russia, I know I'm forgetting some. Their ping is relative to what GuideRaguel's is. I would imagine that if the games ping is out of bounds for you to play, that NG, would more than likely refund your money for you.

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    ok thanks for your aswers-informations i'll buy the game and i hope for the best...see ya in action

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    Im from Scotland and my ping is 110ms-125ms if that helps you out in your decision

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