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Thread: UI tweaks

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    UI tweaks

    First off, Hi and loving Xsyon so far.
    In my first few days, i've ran into a few niggly UI issues.

    1: when performing an action (gathering etc) if you look around for err... bears . When the action finishes the camera resets to behind the char which is quite distracting and irritating at times.

    2: could some quick destroy option be added to the bag/pouch windows as destroying stuff you have made is a common action while leveling a trade skill ( or am i doing this wrong ). Maybe something like holding ALT while right clicking would bring up the " do you want to destroy this" screen/option.

    3: could right clicking an equipable item ( in your bag/pouch ) auto equip it, instead of having to open that huge inventory screen and dragging it over the char or item slot. Any other medium to equip items directly from the bag/pouch without opening the inventory window would also be a solution ( right click menu/double click etc ).

    4: please dont give projected times when the server is down for patching etc as this makes people plan around the given times and if the servers not up its annoying. Instead say something like "small patch" instead of "down for 30 minutes".

    As i said, niggly things nothing major but they would help.
    Loving the game and appreciate the work and feedback the dev's are providing.

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    I have a pet peeve with the UI of Xsyon - and it's the way we change camera modes. As far as I know we can only cycle through camera modes but cannot just select the camera mode we want. I find that I'm only using the free, first person and direct camera modes and would love to have a key to directly switch to one of these modes instead of having to cycle through all the modes I do not want.

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    1) I like this option because, I dont like to lose the place Im facing.

    2) I would like something like this.

    3) I dont think this is really needed. You dont equip items all that much, and if you are pulling them from your hands to your bag you dont need to open that window at all. I would rather have bindable keys. So I can swap faster weapons (shovel, blade, pick etc).

    4) 100% disagree I love the fact they give projected times because then I can plan for it, and if its down its likely not off by much, and they will normally post how much longer.

    Vito's idea of camera modes are fine but I wouldnt use it.

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    Another UI issue i would like to see amended is the scroll bars
    Could we get "context sensitive" mouse wheel input. so if the mouse is over a window with a scroll bar the wheel will scroll it.
    Even if the window must have focus first would still make the crafting windows item lists easier to navigate down. ( i realy hate clicky clicky clicky ).

    I would like to see MrDDTs idea of hotswap weapons key binds aswell. and altho i havent played with the camera modes probly would be best to have the ability to select the one you want rather than cycle them.

    Sill loving Xsyon.... and still looking for saw blades

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