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    Still logged in....

    OK, learning to live with the random Dc bug is one thing.....but I have been getting the "character already logged in" message for like 20+ minutes.....winning?

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    Same this just happened to me.

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    I"m still logged in...hope I scavenges something good while I am logged in not playing....

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    Still myself.
    I hope its on bot mode, and does all the terraforming I need done.

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    Same here, for 30 minutes now...

  6. #6 an adult beverage...still no luck...ugh...

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    Me too still logged in. Though I did a regular exit from game before i left earlier. Though maybe I logged about the same time as the disconect.

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    add me to the list. says both of my accounts are logged in and i only have one client open....not logged in.

    edit: i logged out of my alt over an hour ago....both still logged in but i am not.

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    All but one of my accounts have it.
    Even though they logging off normally.

    Hard to play the game when you cant log in.

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    More than one hour now......someone could reply to my email as well -.-

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