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    Dismanteling Gates

    Did you really have to put the Dismantle button so close to the open gate? why not just right click on gate to open? Thats it Im locking everyone one out!!! or better yet, party at our Castle tonight at 9pm BYOB, Doors will be locked after 12!!!

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    Haha in another week I'll be over there with a 30 bomb

    And I will dismantle your gate and crash your party.

    Seriously though, I wouldn't mind having a Xsyon party. I want to see how the game can handle 50 chars on one screen too.

    Relating to topic of OP...dismantling should have "are you sure you want to dismantle?" and the cast for dismantling should be 10 seconds.

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    exactly! thats even better then mt right click to open. Lets set a date and we can all meet!!! see how the game does?

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    ya but that would be annoying for those that grind, post etc, for gates only agreed but not everything.

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    Gates should be right-click to open yes. or at least just left-click open.. Without having to go through a menu,..

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    How about left click then use action key? Like F?

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    anything but placing the dismantle button next to the use....two of our gates have been destroyed allready by members!

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    I mean see how the game does with 50 people on the screen...meaning will it lag or have intensified warping and sliding? Anything that's not normal while just having a few players on the screen

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    How about clicking the keys in the pack menu rather than a right click menu?


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    Because you may not know which door you are trying to open.

    I would like settable permissions BY RANK on gates and house doors....I agree with DDT for an action command...I am used to F as well.

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