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    Official Answers by week - Thanks

    I just want to say thanks to Xsyon. This Official Answers by week was much more clear on what your plans are for the game. Im happy to see a lot of these answers. Some are not what I want to hear, but good to know the direction and your thoughts on these topics.

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    Yes, thanks Xsyon. Communication like this is invaluable.

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    Completely agree. Your best answers yet.

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    Thanks for all the effort and this great communication.

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    Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions clearly

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    yip agreed, appreciate the time you have set aside to keep us informed.

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    yeah its a big help.lets keep Qs simply and to the point as well less time he has to spend on them more work he can do.Sorry I just see a lot of them that are long and drawn out and have been asked before.

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