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    Add Online/Offline and when last logged in

    This slipped my mind for the longest time, I need to make sure I'm constantly writing down suggestions.

    Anyway, I know you guys already know about this, but I think its a pretty big priority as far as "small improvements" go.

    It would be VERY, VERY helpful to see online/offline of members and friends and also show the last time in which they logged in.

    WoW has a good system that tracks it by hours and even minutes. Days would be good enough for me, but the more specific the better.

    Really though, I think this is necessary because it's hard to tell who is active and who is not. Our tribe seems to be split fairly equally between NA and EU players so sometimes we don't always see each other....and for curiosity sake of me and the other members, we would like to know who has been on from the different time zones...since like I said...we don't always play at the same hours.

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    Im missing this aswell, some indication in tribe and friends lists to indicate if that player is currently online or offline.
    For those that cause greif it may be best not to have this feature for the foe's list.
    And unless the friends list gets extended to require confirmation by both parties it would probly be best not to show online status there either.

    Atm i just ask in the chat if the person is online and hope they respond and dont miss it

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