Ive found it kinda irritating that i cant tell what totems have quests and that to get quests people have to enter my tribes land.

i would like to see the following..

An object, maybe a mailbox; that can be placed somewhere by the tribe. this way they can decide if they want it on the perimeter of the land or inside the land area.

Some indication if there is currently an available quest like a flag or other indicator. this could be usefull for the current totem system aswell.

Ive also noticed alot of "abandoned" totems, or what appear to be abandoned. Some of them are located in nice locations. I acknowledge this is a touchy subject in that any system implemented to reclaim these areas has the potential to discourage those players from returning.

So heres my suggestion as it is, Allow players to "tag" a totem, this would require a tribe member to click the totem within a given time period, say 2 weeks. And if the totem isnt taged by a tribe member in that time destroy it.

This would mean some indication the totem had been taged in the first place is needed. Also maybe send an email to the tribe leaders account email address.

This should allow the community to reclaim those desirable locations, while giving the current owners plenty of time/options to keep the area.

Possibly to avoid griefers only allow the totem to be "taged" once a month?