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    starter stats re-roll?

    Do you think after they and we are done and happy with how stats and crafting effects work and what for should we get a 1 time re-roll of our starter stats?

    I think its only fair when I made my toon at launch stats played not much of a role as they do now and have changed one time I know of and I have a feeling after the big patch they have an even bigger impact.

    If everything was working and in the game when I made my stat picks I would just deal with it or would have re-rolled my toon before I got this far into the game.

    As much that has changed and still has a lil more to go with stats and how they effect everything I think its only fair.

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    I believe its been stated that when a new skill ie cooking, animal taming etc is brought in we will be allowed to redistribute stat points. Hopefully with farming/cooking not too far off you'll be able to do just that.

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    Yeah i remember seeing a dev or guide say something about it but it was more of a maybe we will look into it.When people at work ask me to check something out and im busy and dont care I say ill look into it.

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    This will be available.
    When a new skill comes in, Jordi will put in place a system to allow players to redistribute points.

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    Right on thanks Raguel. Would you know if points gain on our own would be left as is or would be reset?

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    I'm not 100% sure on that one.

    I would like to think that it would be similar to how WoW does it every time they have major class changes.
    They Reset all the talent points and make you re enter them.

    Again I'm not 100% sure, But I would like to see it done like that.

    Perhaps submit your question to the new Weekly Question thread in the developer zone, once I have it up.

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    Sort of topic:
    I think it was stated you could reset stats (in this case the example was Religion) when religion entered the game (as it used stats that were rather useless now).
    I don't think that with every new skill entering the game should constitute a stat reset. When a -major- skill enters the game (such as Marksmanship, Animal Training, Agriculture, Religion etc) enters the game a reset could be possible.
    Even though cooking does not work at the moment it is still a craft that shares the normal stats as most other crafts (Dexterity, Perception and Spirit) I can't say why, I just don't like it with 'little' skills.. Or well, I think it is because it is sort of a 'short cut' that shouldn't be possible.

    Honestly, if you want to reset your stats, you should take the negative with the positive.
    You get to replace your stats, but must work to earn back those stats you earned on your own (only fair you reset your 'strength and weaknesses')
    Or you can work your stats yourself and change them that way not losing any of those you've earned. After a year IRL you should have done it (with major grinding that is :P - but I think that'll be changed.)

    More suggestive:
    Is it very far fetched to hope for about 2-4 weeks to change your stats in-game (through skills etc) completely.
    Eg. Going from Architect stats to Warrior stats?

    My fear is that with a slow stat gain system you would end up doing one thing in the game primarily (for the rest of your gaming period) as you cannot afford/be bothered to spend several months going from Crafter to Builder/Architect (which in the end would mean loss of customers.) I think.
    A more fluid system would -however- mean that you would lessen the impact of 'can't be everything at once' as you would easily (more than currently at least) be able to swap out stats. This would, however, make us a lot more independent which is not needed at the moment. I think.
    But the current stat system (3 months - 1 stat gain) for a casual player is too little a gain (and I play quite a lot I think, but variate my gaming session almost every hour.)
    I've lost more stats than I've gained. That shouldn't happen.

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    I really dont like stat resets TBH but with everything the way it was at launch and beta
    you could really only have an idea of what you needed and even that had a good chance of getting changed and revamped now with stuff making it to the game I can see what I really needed.I like to make my choice with stats or class in games and make it work but I also re-roll and test a lot before I stick with it and that just wasent the case here.

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    Yeah it's easy for me to say. I know. I wanted to build and that was already done by that time .

    The problem with Xsyon is, we'll keep getting new skills as time passes by, giving skill resets everytime would defeat the purpose of ever bother to actually work towards changing your stats in-game (which imo should be how it is done.) I can see the purpose of stat resets with the current stat gaining system :P. Even I would beg for it under the current system.

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