I was killed by an invisible bear the other day, i could see i was being hit but not by what.

After i died and became a ghost the bear then rendered infront of me, no idea if this was the bear using a hide ability, lag or a graphics glitch.

I would like to see a combat log to indicate that i was hit by x object. i am not fussed about seeing numbers or anything here. Just some additional feedback from the game as to whats going on.

I would also like to see tab targeting for nearby objects, this would of allowed me to tab to the object hitting me and fight back even if the objects mesh hadnt loaded.
Maybe displaying a faint selection disk/god ray on the object targeted. This could be totaly client side.

ive seen some people asking for more readable floaty names, i personaly like the fact the names are hard to make out, but maybe changing this for tribe, friends list ( if extended to require both parties to agree ) so those people are more easily seen.