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    Question for the Week 7/11 through 7/17

    Post your questions to the Devs below.

    Thank you.

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    What are your plans with the next patch?

    Whats your plans on how rare recipes should be to find?

    What are your plans to do with the tool tips and interface for that? Like right now it is a little buggy and just text over stuff.

    What are your thoughts on making this more of a survival game? I know you want people to fight for survival but how do you plan on making that happen?

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    Will we get the ability to set rank permission, or similar, to our gates rather than having all tribe members being able to open all gates?
    For example if you have a treasure chamber which only the treasurer is allowed to access, the gate leading to the treasure chamber should be able to be set to only respond to the treasurer's rank.
    Could work as well with crafters not being allowed access to open the gates to the military wing, etc.
    I think its a nice feature, for big cities and small alike.

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