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    Please add to this. I have more but they aren't on my mind right now. I will keep this updated with suggestions of yours as well.

    Note: these are NOT in order of priority

    1) Nameable baskets (less time wasted looking for something they already have stored = happier customer)

    2) Nameable sign posts and when you move over, it shows a tooltip of what the sign says (easier to label buildings and groupings of areas. also useful for making directions around the tribe lands)

    3) Set permissions: By Rank and Set permissions: By Member on baskets and future storage systems AS WELL AS doors and gates (this one REALLY doesn't need to be explained, a multitude of functionality added here)

    Added after 1 7 minutes:

    4) Add Online/Offline for tribe members and friends and when the last time they logged in was. The more specific the better. Such as the time and date in PST and GMT. Couldn't get much more specific than that. If you could not do that then just at least how many hours and then how many days ago they logged in.

    Added after 1 30 minutes:

    5) Chat tabs for superior organization and not getting a headache having to scroll through all the different types of chats at once.

    6) Allow clans to upgrade to tribes without having to drop the totem, re gather the members and replant totem.

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    7) Add collision detection and increase the peripheral view of the game camera. Especially the peripheral in first's like fish eye mode.

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