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    Should I join a tribe?

    That is a question ALL players should consider seriously.

    You can be a solo player here, that is a fact, but it can be very hard, and will become harder as the distribution of resource types become more spread out.
    You will have to learn to trade and be willing to travel very far at times to get what you need.

    You can join a tribe.

    This makes life in Xsyon much easier, but has it's complications as well.

    Yes, you will have folks that can help guide you and give you tips. You will have access to more resources and protection as you move about in game.

    [B]You will also need to be very careful about who you join. [/B]

    Find out from [B][I]other active players[/I][/B] about any tribe before you join them.

    There are some that will claim to be friendly and nice, but are evil and bent on destruction. They will in one breath claim to be good, and in the next recruit someone openly wanting an evil tribe. Some are very open about who and what they are about, and others hide what they do. This might be exactly what you are looking for. [I]But if it's not[/I], then this can be a big problem, as it can drive away new players that join a tribe thinking one thing and get something very different, and thus get turned off to the game as a whole.

    Remember: Talk to other players, as many as you can, to get a feel for a tribe before joining.

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    I would say that joining a tribe in this game isnt that big of a deal, but its a great thing to at least understand how tribes work.
    Very few tribes are evil, and bend on evil. Even if you do find a tribe you do not like, its very easy to get reset up with some tools or whatever minor things you have lost if you choose a bad tribe. Leaving a tribe doesnt hurt you, and you can often learn a great deal from any tribe.

    Most tribes I've seen in game are either inactive or very small. I would say the key right now to finding a tribe you will like is look for one that is active, and fits your needs. Dont worry about picking the "wrong" one because you simply can leave and join another one or start your own homestead.

    Most players in game will help you, however, there is open FFA PVP outside of your tribe area so be wary of being attacked.

    Good luck players and if you need help please ask in global /y or contact me /w MrDDT text.

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