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    state of Xsyon ?

    I haven't played in months. How is Xsyon doing these days ?

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    id say the amount of responses to your question speaks for itself, lol.

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    Dev is going to put out a state of the game today.
    Else I would have replied before. He is going to put out his plans on doing things. Tons of stuff should be in it today.

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    Playerbase wise, the game isn't doing great.

    Game wise the game is picking up the pace I should think.

    Don't trust the forums. There can be loads of reasons why people don't respond (though in this case it is playerbase problems..)

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    So basically, the whole game is in developement. great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vorticon013 View Post
    So basically, the whole game is in developement. great.
    There are many features still in development, and there always will be - But i think that the core of the game is in and for those of us who like this type of gameplay its not too hard to have some fun

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    not many pepole are willing to pay for a game in its current state.

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    As I see it this game will never stop being under development.
    - I'm of the same opinion btw, most of the core of a game is in and working'ish. There is a few tweaks and balances needed, but there will always be tweaks and balance needed so..

    If people don't want to pay for the game, then don't. Shouldn't be that hard to not do it .

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    Once there are enough things working that can keep folks occupied...
    ( because after all, what is any game but a series of tasks that you enjoy performing that keep you entertained )

    I feel sure they will do a bit of advertisement, and those players out there that enjoy what this game offers will pour in.

    I can tell you from experience, that there are many players that would love this game in its current form if they knew more about it.

    I played one game for years that is similar to this one, and knew others that also were willing to stick to playing it through multiple company changing hands, nerfs, complete changes to classes and removal of key features, and yet.. they continued to play because...

    It entertained them. and this game today STILL has thousands of active players. I don't play it anymore, because xsyon even in it's current state is better and will become MUCH better.

    What Xsyon does is vastly better that that game, since it does allow terraforming and the building is better, pvp is allowed, and it is not another tired rehash of the over saturated fantasy genre.

    This game may not be what many, shoot, even most players want. But there IS a good number of players out there that will enjoy this game for what it is.

    Only suggestions I have are continue the improvements that you have said you are working on, and give players some repeatable series of tasks that they will find enjoyable. Like Zombies, or rampaging mutant bears that wander into active camps to wreak havoc!

    If that is about to happen in game, Please disregard the suggestions

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