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    Architechture Scheme limits

    Now i know i cant have all the recipes. So that being said, you should be limited to 1 per level and at level 100 you have 100 recipes in that 1 skill.

    Considering architecture is going to have several hundred peices by this winter. (new roofs,floors,ramps, bridges,second stories,stairs etc. And the ability to unlearn and learn a new one Id say this is fair.

    You worked for 100 you deserve 100 recipes. However Their should be more benifit of a level 100 skill besides quality. What is your opinions? Please keep in mind architecture will Have hundreds of recipes very soon.

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    I would like to wait and see what the idea he has planned first.
    I dont know why you want 100, but sure.
    You can unlearn and learn new recipes so the limit he puts in, isnt really a limit because of how you can unlearn and relearn them.

    Also later Im sure higher Arch skill will have more effect than just # of recipes you have.
    Im sure it will have effect on how strong buildings are, how well they protect you, who knows.

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    Yea, guess we just need more info and time to see where this all goes.

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    currently in the texture file for the game there is diffrent textures for building pieces depending on which type of wood you use. so super pine typically has white wood with red script on it for example.

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    No but it will allow you to specialize in a direction.
    It's every craft as I read that gets recipe limits, a part of ' You can't learn everything, be everything'. It will (hopefully) create more demand that less have all recipes.

    (This is btw, something that is said on the feature page, but haven't been in-game).. I applaud it finally arriving.

    I think that the better the architect, the better the building. the better the building the longer it will last the ravages of wind and weather. It might also give better bonuses. Who knows .

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    Bump - What is the maximum scheme limit for architecture now?

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