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Thread: Metal Armour

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    Metal Armour

    Perhaps, a long way down the road to xsyon, we could a new craft, Metal Scrapping, which focuses on making metal Armour based on items from junkpiles.

    New Items needed for this would be:
    Tools: Mandrel (a metal rod with a handle which turns freely in a support. used for coiling wire)

    Wires Of Various Gauge and Metal.

    Simple Items:
    A Spring is made by coiling wire using the mandrel.

    Open Rings are made by cutting the metal spring along a straight line with shears.

    Rings are linked together to make scraps of chain fabric.

    Scraps of chain fabric are linked together to make sheets of chain fabric.

    Beer Tabs can be cut and linked into the chain fabric to make Beer Tab Scale Fabric

    Bottle Caps or Coins can be punched and cut, then linked into the chain fabric to make BottleCap Scale Fabric and Penny/Quarter Scale Fabric respectively.

    Chain Fabric and/or Scale Is used to Craft ChainMaille shirts, chainmaille pants, chainmaille mittens, chainmail socks and chainmaille hoods.

    Plate Armour is made from Metal Sheets and Metal Plates primarily, as well as leather and cloth parts. It would require a hammer and anvil at the very least. Anvils should be a very rare find. Plate Armour would include items for most body parts

    There could be higher level sets of Armour which use combinations of plates and chain fabric to create.

    Wire can also be wound into rope, but only by a master craftsman.


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    There could be several tiers of sets.

    The lowest tier (LVL 5 Recipe -LVL 35 Recipe) would be able to use any metal, and bonuses will be per item based on the metal used.

    The next tier (LVL 36 -lvl 70) would be designed to be made with a specific common metal.
    Using that metal only will give extra bonuses (varied by set) given that the entire set is equipped and made using the correct metal.

    The second highest tier (71 to 90) would be designed for a rare metal.
    Any metal can be used but additional bonuses will be given if the entire set is equipped and made from the correct metal.

    The highest Tier would require specific rare metal(s) (gold, silver, titanium) for each item. For these sets only the specific rare metal can be used. These will be very difficult to craft.

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    That is such a cool Idea +1
    and maybe there could be something called black smithery ?

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    That is such a cool Idea +1
    and maybe there could be something called black smithery ?
    I do like the idea of blacksmithing as well;
    The two could go hand in hand.
    Blacksmithing could be a trade skill where metal items can be melted down and forged into new items.

    A new item, raw metal, is needed.
    Raw metal can be prepared in 2 ways.
    - melting down old items all of the same metal. The amount of raw metal yielded by melting a certain item would be based on the weight.
    - processing ore. If a resource gathering skill, Mining, were added, miners would collect various ores which could be processed into metal by a blacksmith using the appropriate reagents and tools.

    The recipes for a blacksmith would be 'mold's.
    After a blacksmith finds a 'Small metal handle mold' by scavenging, with the appropriate tools he can create small metal handles.
    If a blacksmith is presented with a certain object, his skill is high enough and he has the appropriate materials, he can produce a mold of that object and proceed to craft more of them.
    Molds would vary in quality and durability. Higher quality molds will make higher quality parts.
    Higher durability molds can be used more before deteriorating.
    Molds in better condition will produce higher quality items.
    The quality of a mold created based on an item is limited by the quality of the item used to produce it.

    Many of the items crafted by the blacksmith will be useful in metal-Armour crafting
    The blacksmith could also potentially make a variety of saw blades, knife blades etc by using moulds and appropriate tools.
    For example with an old saw blade, scrap plastic a campfire and a bucket a Saw Blade Mold could be produced. Then using the Saw Blade Mold, Raw Stainless a file, a hammer an anvil and a metal stake a new saw blade can be crafted. [1]

    "Handmade manufacture
    Until at least the mid-19th century, saws were made laboriously by hand. Teeth were filed out individually, then "set" by striking alternate teeth with a hammer against a "stake" or small anvil."

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