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    Sugesstion ingame features from a new players view

    Hello Im new to this game but somthing I would like to see ingame is this:


    1. Radioactive zone.
    Where players can enter but you will need a radioactive suit or mask for protection or you will get sick and die after sometime. Somthing like "chernobyl". Area where you can scavenge rear stuff. Make it a dangerous, alot of radioactive mutan zombies and all kind of creepy stuff. Full PVP for all tribes/players.

    2. Radioactive Shelters (rare).
    Put it in the " Radioactive Zone" where you could find weapons/rifle/smg, ammo, Gasoline/fuel all kind of supply any good suggestions could be welcome here? Bunker tunnel system inside the shelters, radioactive zombies or other no so pleasant secrets. Also players could take over a shelter after clearing it and make it as their own saferoom or somthing like that. Attack other players saferoom?

    3. Caves

    4. Towns/Village
    in radioactive zone players could scavenge and fight zombies and other players.

    5. Mounts. Horse, Dirtbike, Car, bus, anthing on wheel

    6. HUGE Weapons and combat system update.
    I see everyone runing around with Axe & knifes. Where are the spears & bow etc... smg/rifle etc? Also if you use one-handed you should craft a shield and armour of metal plates or somthing. Combat sounds could use a update too. The punch sounds like a snare drum etc.
    Is their ANY RANGE Combat at all?

    *Also where are the Radioactive zombie/Mutans/infected apocalypse that you promise us??? Screen taken from Gallery:

    I mean Terraforming is working great, focus on getting combat to work as the same as terraforming and it all will be AWSOME!!

    This is a great game!! Dont get me wrong. But we need more then just crafting ingame please.

    Keep up the good work on this game!

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    A lot of this has been said before or is on his todo list.

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    hey i like his idea...Now that sounds very fun!

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    Until anything of the features you suggested (as DDT wrote, most are already been suggested or on someones todo-list) will be ingame, you might best buy and install Fallout 3 (or New Vegas) .

    Okay, its strictly a singleplayer game, but it has many of the things you wish for. And because that game has NPC's and actual opponents (not silly animals that don't pose a real threat most of the time) it doesn't 'feel' as empty as Xsyon can be.

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    I much like the low tech approach (no guns, no dirtbikes) but otherwise its all good ideas.

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