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    levels and health

    Leveling needs to be looked at
    As well as health/toughness should not be factored in with levels...bringing up your crafts shouldn't make you stronger, atleast not to the degree leveling does
    I think health/toughness should be tied in with just combat skills
    combat level(which should affect health/toughness), and craft level(effecting quality's, durability, etc.) should be different

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    I like the crafting bonus to HP....but it really does encourage a constant grind. They need to town down the bonus HP from leveling up and increase the HP multipliers from combat skills.

    ESPECIALLY since Xsyon said he has NO PLANS to add HP decay to level decay.

    In theory, this means in a few years someone could have like 10,000 skill points (or be level 1000) and however much HP comes with 1000 levels.

    It truly does need to be looked at.

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    Or it could just cap at 9,999 like the good old days

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    make up your bloody minds do u want this to mimik real life or not? if im working on masonry all day long guess what ima get pretty buff actualy doing prety much any task that involves movement will get u fit so i say leave it

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