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    Is this why you have stoped chating?

    i tend to avoid the fourms now. i did avoid irc for week's over MrDDt. I am personally tierd of seeing him tear apart everyplayer ingame and in sum instances breaking the tos in the process.

    These are People who come to a game for fun, Not have someone constantly belittling them and Always calling them dumb or stupid just because they dont agree with their idea. So i am curious of how many others avoid the fourms/irc/global because of him?

    personally i think the community would actually grow if they werent constantly being bashed on. So i say remove him. As telling players to quit the game or make fun of them constantly IS NOT helping the game. (i have never did this before but in this case , it is something needed.

    I also found these threads with user's opinions against MrDDT.

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    I definitely avoid global when MrDDT is talking, and encourage people not to respond to him. His constant bullying of new players and veterans alike makes the game a lot less fun, as well as the fact that he has destroyed and killed a lot of people and things for no reason at all. New users do not need to deal with that crap, in my opinion, he should be removed from the game for good.

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    i actually havent noticed mrddt doing anything but verywiitee is grinding my gears real bad

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    I commented on this issue in the "state of Xsyon" thread earlier today. No need to say much here except that if you feel the need to add your voice to this thread please be civil and state facts, and don't let emotions get away from you.

    Grandfather Oak

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    No doubt that the forum became much quieter because of his aggressivity towards anyone who dare to disagree with him. Constructive discussion is almost impossible now since he spams all of the threads. Earlier he exploited the bug of his character and annoyed people out of the game by destroying resources nearby to them, now he is doing the same with words Still I'm not sure that simply being an a-hole is a reason to be removed from the game...but if he does break the rules (and I heard he did, insulting and harrassing players ingame) then he should be removed.

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    Greetings Survivors,

    Please refer to this simple guide, to help you ignore the players you feel need to be on your ignore list.

    How to Ignore players.

    This thread is now closed!

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