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    I did not cut down this tree!

    There is a tree that was cut down and cut into long logs just outside my tribe area. The logs have my name on them. I did not cut down the tree, nor did I cut it into long logs. I have been grinding cloth for days. I haven't even had an axe equipped, so how could this have happened? I almost never cut down trees, and definitely never next to our camp. This is very strange. Can anyone explain how this could have happened?

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    I can confirm this because we live together. Last night after Riverspirit logged off game I ran out back to do some scavenging when I saw the tree was gone and a stack of long logs was there in it's place. I assumed someone was there cutting trees so I picked up a log to see who and it had her name on it? Very strange. I also know she did nothing but sort cloth all night because again we live and play together.

    I also discovered another bug that may or may not be related. When I was building Barricades I discovered that if I open the build window, then run up the hill to get more branches the window would stay open and I could stand at the branch pile, put branches in and hit build from 100 meters away. It would close the window then, but I was still able to add material from a very long way off. Not every time, but some times. Seems the distance had no bearing on adding material or hitting the build command.

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    There is a bug with logging code that sometimes you can log 2 trees with once, Ive reported it already, and they said they were working on it. I wouldnt doubt this had happened.

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    I didn't cut a tree. Not sure what your point is?

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    You have never cut a tree down?

    Anyways, there is a way to make it so it cuts 2 trees down when you are cutting another tree. Its a bug. Im not sure you did it or not just saying you can. Sounds like what happened here.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Well, if you read my post, you would see I did not have an axe equipped, I have been sorting cloth for days. I have cut maybe 3 trees since I started playing, and none for at least 3 weeks, and never any near my tribe area. This is very recent, I am pretty sure it happened last night. This is a totally unrelated bug to what you are talking about. Granted, I do software QA, they pay me to break code and complain about it, so just the fact that I happened to be close to where the tree was cut probably caused the bug to manifest itself in my presence. =) But it has nothing to do with me cutting any trees for sure. Unless the bug you are referring to has some serious time warp issues....

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