Hi folks,

Jef from Massively.com here. I'm spear-heading a new feature column called Some Assembly Required and it aims to shine the spotlight on player-generated content and sandbox gaming in the MMO space. I'd like to give Xsyon some headlines over the next few months as the game evolves, and I need your help to do so. If you're not familiar with Massively, we're an MMO-centric news outlet that covers everything relating to massively multiplayer gaming, and this particular column is a twice-monthly long-format feature that will include interviews, commentary, and player showcases.

I'm looking for tribes or individuals with interesting stories to tell my readers, be they stories of PvP conquest, PvE projects, or any kind of in-game creative endeavor that only happens in emergent MMOs like Xsyon. If you've been spending a lot of time in Notorious' sandbox and you'd like to get yourself or your tribe featured on Massively, send me an email with a brief summary of what you've been up to, why it's fun, and why it's something you can't do in your average themepark game.

We'll arrange an in-game meeting, interview, tour, or whatever the situation calls for. Thanks for reading, and keep that sandbox flame burning!