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    DOH - Xsyon Italian Community

    Hi all,

    I know Xsyon had a bad realease, I know Xsyon isn't polished, I know Xsyon is kinda empty at the moment BUT I also know Xsyon has (imho) a great concept and an amazina list of feature (ok, not averything is implemented yet) so I've decided to let you all know, from Italy or not, that Xsyon Italian Community has got a new forum:

    The forum has just been created but can count on over 20 italian members (not all active), part of the italian clan "DOH".

    See you around,


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    Quick update: more members are coming back and we now provide full translated (in italian) news, updates and guides on our forum.

    I also want you to remember that our forum it's open to all players and you can post on it about alliances, trades, etc from all over the world

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