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    Change first person view

    The FPV is so narrow and zoomed in, almost fish eyed. It really bothers me because I'm using FPV a lot more now with the new architecture structures (and with the no auto zoom in in 3rd person view, its miserable to get stuck on a dirt wall, zoomed in really close to the wall, giving horribly pix elated textures that actually bother the eyes).

    Just increase the lens size of the camera in first person, its a very easy fix.

    It may not be noticeable but at first but if you play other games, you will see what I mean. I've done some work with cameras in video games and I know that the camera is acting partially as binoculars right now. It's just not a natural human first person view.

    I don't want the camera to be very zoomed in and fixed on one point, I want it zoomed out and have more peripheral view.

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    comletly agre the camera should not hurt your eye's ive had the camera send me close to epilepsy fits never had that with any other game indy or aaa titles

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