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    Post Alik Steel & Hopi

    Months ago I started having things go bad in my life, I'm not going to get into what all was happening, But it did take me away from the game. As I spent more time away from the game I thought to hand over Hopi to members I thought would be best for the tribe. Things did not go so well, Once again I will keep what was going on to myself, But the transfer of power did not go as I had thought. Within weeks of stepping down from leader, I found that I could not stay with Hopi any longer.

    This post is for letting people know that I'm not Hopi any more. As I hope to restarting my Xsyon life again, It will be Hopi Free.

    [I]This has been a self promoting advertisement that I'm a free agent in-game.[/I]

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    Very nice to hear this Aliksteel!

    Stop by Pawnee area down river from hopii right at the waterfall across river from fatboy's place

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    Good to see you up and around. I sent you a PM.

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    indeed very nice to see ya in game now :-)

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    Hang on there my friend. Being free its not that bad.

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    Just too bad you didn't see the 'light' when Rosso started the Celts. Also too bad he got side-tracked by real life issues aswell .

    But welcome back to the game Sir .
    I'm certain you will have a good life, now that you've escaped the clutches of the 'new' rulers of Hopii.

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    Its great to see you back, Alik

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    You know, we live just down river from Hopii and I NEVER see anyone there.. ever.

    To me this is very sad as there are all those little tents and large amount of land totally going to waste.

    So much for those "new" rulers.

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    i am the new ruler! i ate my wheaties n outlasted them! :-)

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    This game is still online? What?

    The Hopi community still feels there's nothing to come back to. We all invested multitudes of time and effort into a game that was still years away from a credible launch.

    The lot of us who aren't into the current mind numbing gameplay have put Xsyon on standby indefinitely.

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