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    Is architecture broken atm?

    I have been building my ass off today - went from 47 to 52 arch but have gotten no new recipes? Wondering if architecture is slightly broken right now?

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    Im level 100, have only 37 recipes total. I have more than 2 projects from each of the 7 sets (Scrapper, Scavenger, Bamati, Gadu, Banyana, Pioneer, Masons) as when the new items were added, projects I already knew were renamed and some were filed into each set. I do not have any 1 set anywhere close to complete. I do not have any fortress projects. I only gained recipes at skill-level-ups, but not at every level up. Ive gone, at most, 8 skill-level-ups withought gaining a recipe.

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    Yes and No.

    5 points of arch happens sometimes without gaining a recipe. Ive had it where it was 3 skill points apart, and other times where it was 9+

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    Yes and No.

    5 points of arch happens sometimes without gaining a recipe. Ive had it where it was 3 skill points apart, and other times where it was 9+
    Well what do you mean yeas AND no? You do the math on your own quote above, presuming it is accurate....

    100 skill divided by 3 points per skill will give 33 recipes in total. If i had 33 recipes at the 100 end point, then ok, not too bad. We both know every 3 points is quite rare though.

    So now 100 divided by 9 will give me 10 recipes, which is absolutely awful and does not make arch viable.

    So, on your own assumptions arch is set up to somewhere on a scale of "not too bad, but not good" to "terrible at best".

    Now, do we know the answer to these?.............

    If i get to 100 Arch is that the end of me gaining new recipes?

    If i can still gain recipes at 100 am i going to have to do the equivalent of gaining 3 to 9 skill points at 100, to gain a new recipe, which is a rediculous amount of building?

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    I cant say at higher levels but I think it holds about the same ratio. Plus its random when you gain recipes. Ive seen it at lower levels where you got one per level. So Im not sure how it works but it seems to be random.

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    not sure if this is relevent but in toolcraft i keep geting 2/3 recipeis per lvl and sometimes none

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    Other skills do not work like Arch does when it comes to gaining recipes. You only gain recipes when you gain a skill point with arch, and its not every skill point. With tool craft you can get recipes without even gaining a point.

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    As the recipes/schemes structure is supposedly being worked on, I can only speculate how this will be handled. I can say for fact how it has been so far for me. First off my INT is 82 and started with Arch as my chosen craft. Pre arch patch, I worked to lvl 75 and had 24 recipes. Post patch, I worked to lvl 100 and finished with 36 recipes, learning a recipe approximately every other level gained. No new recipes since and I have rebuilt my entire Homestead. I have a mismatch of themes, but at least 1 new wall, floor, roof, and gate. I must have all of the posts. I built a cabin with Bamati Floors, Pioneer Log Walls, Mason Fortress Roof, and I have a Spiked Wall Gate.

    It appears that the limit to number of recipes learned through grinding is around 40. Those 40 seem to be random from a pool of basic arch parts and structures. Again, they can only be learned from gaining levels. Some players may not learn anything for quite a few levels possibly due to a limit on number of recipes that can be learned. This is all speculation. I believe the intent was good, to limit people from being able to learn everything. I don't like the way it was implemented. As a dedicated architect, there is nothing I can do to learn any more schemes. I have a random set of mixed up recipes that includes a bunch of useless tents and teepees. There is currently no way for me to dinstinguish myself from someone who starts today and doesn't even choose arch in the first place. As a matter of fact, that new player will most likely wind up with more recipes and more variety than me since they have more levels to gain and an improved pool of recipes to pull from. As I have said before, I am OK with things being rare and I am willing to work hard to acheive my goals, I just don't want it to be impossible.

    Sorry for the wall of text. I am just frustrated about this and would like to hear some good news on the subject.

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