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    Possible to drop any item in future?

    Is it planned to drop any item you have?

    Because in videos I just see how ppl can carry and drop resource items - actually not things like cloth scraps etc. - u kinda need to discard them to get new inventory space.

    Will there be a makeup to drop any item?


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    I dont think this is planned. I think items you "drop" were meant to be placed into a "junk" status on the server where discarding many would make junk piles over time. This has not be put into the game yet.
    Right now dropping items will delete them from the game. There are a few times (baskets, grass, scrap metal, scrap leather, logs etc) that can be stacked on the ground. Items like tools, armor, weapons etc. Can not be placed on the ground they must be placed in baskets, or pouches.

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    I would like to be able to do this. Imagine if you ran a little trading hut and you could put your wares on display =) Maybe being able to set permissions on items stacked on the ground would keep people from stealing the display items, but you should only be able to set permissions if they are within tribal borders. Anything else would be fair game.

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    The main thing I love on this is:


    I played Wurm Online for a long while, where this was possible - drop anything you had...

    So i traveled some times around the map and found very useful stuff - other players just dropped cause they didn't needed it.

    I also found a full plate armor - which had a great Quality and well was very worthy even for hardcore players.

    Since that, and other things happened to me due roaming around - this feature boosts the roleplaying and traveling feeling a lot!


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