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    I would 5 via PayPal if I can play with your Acc!

    Haha guys I know its pretty weird but well...

    As far as I watched all videos on youtube, looked on all screenshots here etc.

    I really want to try the gameeeeeeeee damned

    But I still can't pay cause I need a credit card (which I ordered here, a prepaid credit card) - but wanna try the game first before I'll buy it


    I would pay 5 via PayPal

    If I can play on a new created character I'll make on your account!

    Yea I know its dangerous because I could delete your character, destroy every item and blabla...

    So If you don't trust me - don't do it.

    But if theres a Player who just began by himself - so he wont actually loose anything when I would be such a bad guy - mybe you can lent me your account for testing for 1 Day.

    If anybody is interested please tell me - as faas it isnt possible to trial I don't see another way.

    I'm sure I'll like the game - but tryin is better then payin

    so far


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    Greetings Falke88,

    Unfortunately this is not allowed, it is against our Terms of Service to allow someone else to use a players account who is not the owner of said account.

    We are making progress on releasing a trial server, but the ETA is unknown at this point.
    As always we will keep the community informed of any updates regarding a trial server.

    take the plunge, come join us survivors!

    Thank you.

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