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    Guides Abusing Their Power.

    2 days ago a guide told me that animals dont get spawned but breed and multiply like in real life yesturday a guide dina was spawning hampsters and chickens for a guy thats in the tribe im in(WTF???) also i was made aware that when mrddt was cuting trees near a guide city the same guide dina spawned 15 bears to kill him why is this allowed? (Edit Dezgard) No talking about bans please.

    can i have the power to spawn animals as there arent that many around or a guide that comes to me and spawnes animals for me if not why should 1 player get special treatment and not others???

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    Guides have certain responsibilities.

    These do include creating Global and Mini Events.
    These events may or may not include spawning of animals.

    Mini events are carried out all the time. And global events we try to keep to 1 per week, usually on a Sunday, however depending on what the staff are working on.
    Most guides are helping with testing these days, alongside players on the test server.

    If however you wish to make a complaint please do so by contacting support.

    Dezgard has edited you're post. However to discuss any details of a conversation between a player and Notorious Games which is considered private is a violation of the Terms of Service.
    Do not do this again.

    Thank you.

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