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    Check out the section of the forum

    I'm going to put the raw link here so no one thinks I'm sending them to some bad site. I think this is a area of the forums that is being way over looked.

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    why are suggestions under bug reports?

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    Not sure why it's there, But I found that most of them are old suggestions. There is a vote on each one so maybe it's there way putting them all in one place to be voted on.

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    I looked there and found a suggestion I made some time ago (the one about stacks of bricks instead of 'hiding' them in bins).

    And even stranger: I can't post there at all..
    The forum tells me that I haven't got the authorisation to post there.

    Maybe thats why not many of us subscribers go there to post suggestions?

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    I think everyone should get over there to vote (even if you cannot post a comment).

    I also think the developers should not have this hidden away. Create a new sub-forum "VOTE ON THIS".

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    dont think they want all the players to be able to vote couse then they would have to do something about it instead of just strining ppl along and geting their money

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    I'm agree with you in some respects lordofivietal

    The progress on this game is just down right pathetic. They still haven't given people any reason to do anything.

    Yeah items decay so I have to make more, but why?

    Why should I make more? It doesn't lead to anything fun.

    Why don't devs realize combat is what makes or breaks a game? There are zero interesting PvE encounters in this game and there is no reason to PvP. What's the point of these items we make if not to increase our chances of survival?

    Death penalties in a survival game should be absolutely massive (3% of all your skills decays and you drop your pack, perhaps a fighting/crafting -bonus within an hour of death)

    Seriously devs, hurry up and give us something to do that actually affects the game play of others and the game world, and give us the ability to drive the story.

    There are just NO tools in place to do this. All this game is is mine craft with slightly better graphics and in a persistent MMO world.

    Unsubscribed for now, but I can still play so I'm going to log in occasionally. But if I am forced to pay I won't play for now. Terraforming with over 170m of radius got old, can you believe that? I mean we had enough time to nearly complete our entire city and still NOTHING fun has been added except maybe the new arch parts....still not exactly "fun" but just interesting.

    I feel like the devs have listened to my opinion before so I hope they value this.

    This game won't survive without FORCED (yes forced) PvE conflict. PvP isn't forced due to the safe zone, but there needs to be attacks on cities and MUCH, MUCH more dangerous monsters... players should have to FLEE from certain mobs....unless there was a hunting party of 10 perhaps (depends on the mob). Perhaps mutants can pop out of the ground and attack you. That is forced conflict.

    I also find it extremely hard to believe this game can be so expensive to the consumer with such little progress from the developers. I don't mind the game develops slow, I mind that you market it it as ready to play. "Prelude" should simply be called Beta but still the final wipe, and you would have had a lot more players play.

    Take care guys

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