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    A World...With People In It!!!

    I'm not sure exactly how this would work, but what if you opened the test server to the people who haven't actually subscribed to the game so they can try it out? Just completely wipe the world and make it like a few zones, that get wiped daily and everyone starts in the same place? I think this would get people more interested in the game. Initially I wasn't sure if I would buy this game because I didn't know if my computer would run it, and I'm sure that is the hesitation of others as well. I really think this would help the community grow and would help provide stress tests on the server. This way unlike a demo where they can play the real game for a couple of days and kill everything and muck up the place totems, they can play but everything gets wiped and wont affect the real subscribers. I would really like to see this idea implemented server population is slowly degrading daily.

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    Although I like your idea, And agree that we are bleeding more players than we are gaining right now. I don't know if they will give up the test server for this.

    I gave this a thought or two before, And the one that I came back to time and time again was a instanced zone(s) inside our world. A place that the people that wanted to check out the game could go without ever being able to join in on the real world of play. No time limits on how long they stay as the instance is only so big. Add a guide town inside it that is upgraded when now build content is added to the game so they can see what you can do. But turn off PvP and tribes/camps. Keep some good mob's for them to fight or run from and let them level up there crafting skill to 25 or so. giving them only a taste of the game.

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    Either way some type of demo is needed so we can get more people in on this game.

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    14 day trial with access to everything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangei View Post
    14 day trial with access to everything?
    This has been said 1000s of times.

    Why? Many reasons. Main ones are.
    1)Trail people cause many issues like greifing, and spam etc.
    2)The game isnt ready for tons of new players to be playing it. Most people will try the game not like it and never look at it again.

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