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    thread number 123812934324 weights-old saw blades-sawblades-rakeheads---Recipes---tools--weapons all these items and alot more are NOT droping at all anywhere. lot of us got 50-100hours+ invested into scavenging and have yet to findem This needs to fixed and certianly needs to be a hell of alot easier then it is atm. cant find anything atm. my stats are now 93 perception 99 scavenging...still dont find rare that often and began my thrid trip around all the zones...This is just sumply too freaking hard and feels like a 2nd n 3rd job >< FIX IT!.

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    Yeah i completely agree, tried to fiend any of the new recepy''s but no luck here too.
    So disappointed i dont even bother logging in.
    Hopefully they will do something about it soon.

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    They already know this and are going to fix it so whats the point here? You all really need to stop crying about every lil thing its getting REALLY old. Thanks

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    actually its not crying, just reminding the dev's folks want it fixed. and a guide told me to repost to make sure they still see it.

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    Um a couple of weeks ago, weren't you hollering and stomping and demanding that they put in the new salvaging changes? Then, when they did, you were squeeling in delight that you "were in heaven"?
    Kinda wish they had held off and corrected all the drops first, now, eh?

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    actually i was told it was fixed...till i scavenged for 100-120 hours and found out the hard way its not at all. They claimed it was tweaked and should have been in better. ( and we all assumed this was corrected when the patch went live, sadly it wasnt and itll took exstinvie scavenging to verify it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    You right clicked for 120 hours? Aren't you having fun?
    This is the root of the problem. That this game is boring right now even scav isnt fun because the reward you get is so common even for things that are "rare" because they are not useful.

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