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    Questions for the week 7/25 through 7/31

    Please post your questions to the Developers here.

    Please make sure to keep your questions clear and to the point.

    Thank you.

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    In a previous Q/A, you stated that you wanted to add permissions to tents/buildings and remove permissions from bags, as this is a big change that will effect lots of camps, when do plan on implementing this?
    also, carts were mentioned, how soon can we expect carts (your best guess)?
    thanks for your time...

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    Latley, in irc and the fourms ive noticed alot of new folks asking for a trial, Where are you with a trial server?, or are you still waiting to make the game better before doing one?

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    I joined this game because of what was planned, and was fully aware of the slow nature of development for this game. You are a small team, with limited resources, and have to fix problems before you can add anything new. And perhaps you are not ready for more new players.

    Your intent is to have the players create quests and provide much of the challenges there are in game, where as i understand this, it feels like we need a bit of help here from you.

    My question are:

    Are there any plans for adding something in very soon that will help retain the few players that join? Things that any new player would find immediately entertaining?

    Some love to harvest and build, and those types of players will generally stick around to level up their skills. So this type seems taken care of nicely.

    Others need repeatable challenges like breaking into a tomb see what's in side, or group hunting a large mutant bear that always drops some rare item, or even little things like while fishing you notice a blade sticking out of the sand, and pull it out to find a rare and unique weapon that is one of a kind.

    Question 2: Are you wanting new players to join the game or do you feel the game is not ready yet?

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    the new system you all are trying to do, i was told rare items would be dependant on area instead of zone...this true? (if it is how do plan on use being able to search all areas as their isnt a pop to help search them and personally i dont wanna feel like its a job to go find something) Also how are we to search areas when their full of totems.... i think the leader of the totem if hes inactive beyond 60 days totem should be removed and basic tools placed in his inventory.

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    On totem decay...

    I like your simple plan, but can you not add to that plan, that when a player cancels their sub that it removes the totem completely IF they are a single man tribe?

    This would get rid of all the single man totems littering that areas.

    Also, whatever timer limit you put on totems, Please factor in that some people made a character, dropped a totem to hold a spot, then dropped the character and made another character joined or made another tribe and may even be playing the game as another character.

    So would it not seem reasonable to you to remove ANY totem made by a character that is not in your database as an in use character?

    I would think that having all these totems scattered about, does not make any new player feel welcome, especially after they realize that most are just abandoned ones with no active player there.

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    1. Can we expect a patch this coming wednesday :P?

    2. I second Mactavendishes question about totem decay too!!

    3. The new housing models are 4m x 4m. Take any given Long Log. The Long Log will juust, with a little bit in each end or a larger bit in one end, stick out side the building.
    - The question is this. Will the upcoming weather decay affect the entire long log because of the little bits/larger bit sticking out side of the building.
    3a. If the weather decay won't affect the log, can we presume that any given material that has more than half of its volume inside of a building not be subjected to weather decay?

    4. Seeing it's spring again can you confirm new tree spawns on the live server?

    5. Will the weather decay also include a slow general decay over time for items?

    6. How is the animal population doing with the recent changes?

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    Disconnects patch ETA? Its been on the test server for over a week now and still not on live. Right now this is the biggest problem for most people.
    Whats the reasoning in allowing guides to spawn animals? With breeding in game, and animals spawning on their own, shouldnt this option be removed? Its been an issue for a long time now.

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    I see you have three items set as a #1 Highest priority from the player suggestions

    1) label contianer

    2) Add clan/tribe names

    3)hiding broke

    I know that the labeling contianers are done, And that the disconnects is at the top of every list right now with the the combat a close 2nd.

    Assuming(yea I know assuming is bad) that you are done with the disconnects this week. How soon will you start on fixing hiding, and adding tribe names and faction color to the game?

    I also see there is only one suggestion "Sand in the rivers" that you have set as #2 on the Priority list. Can you tell me how far down the "to do list" this fit's into?

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    which is 1st, totem decay or new lands beyond the mist opening up? how long til the 1st is implemented? then how long til 2nd?

    if disconnects and combat revisons are done what is the next major project you hope to see on the live server? and what timeframe til it goes live?

    how are carts coming along? had chance to look at them yet? or you been stuck working on the disconnects all week?

    and just a random one.. what is the current DX rating of the game? DX9? / DX9 enhanced? DX10? DX11?
    is it a DX11 tessalation effect you use on the brown/gold roads? anyway to make them look better from a distance, because currently a heavily roaded area looks horribly from far away, as the cracked effect is way to big and out of proportion when viewed from a distance.

    after the zone sizes were changed, the high quality view distance was severely shortend. is this the way it will be staying or will you be looking at increasing the view distance again or is this more to do with entites not loading correctly?

    most systems that are in game are working ok-ish and just require tweaking now imo. but what i believe the game is really lacking now is some fun things to do as a group/tribe. do you have any short term goals to inject some more fun into the game?

    dying and respawning back at my totem is not fun. healing my way through a tough spot and surviving is. when will healing be in game?
    going toe to toe with a bear and button mashing the mouse til i have 30% health and the bear is dead is not fun. using archery and real world physics to take down the bear from a far without getting a scratch on me is fun. when will archery be in game?
    working together as a team to accomplish tasks i couldnt do on my own is fun. any plans for group activies other than arch/terra soon?

    that'll do for now

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