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    We all need PATIENCE!

    Remember when you first read about this game?

    Remember when it said this was going to be the Prelude time, where things would change according to feedback from players and what could be done with the technology?

    Remember where they said that nothing is in it's final state, and that as the game developed we would be a big part of what the game finally was?

    Remember any of that???

    If not that's partly the problem. Expectations are out of whack.

    What we need is the patience to wait.

    Wait till the very small team at NG is able to finish the work they are doing.
    Wait till the recipe tweaks can be done... ( done right )
    Wait till the loot tables are put where they need to be.
    Wait till the game is in a state where lots of folks will be entertained better.

    We have all developed an inflated sense of entitlement. NOBODY made any player here buy this game. It was a choice made by US. So if there is anyone to be upset with if we don't like something here... it is US. Yes, ME included.

    And I know a few will retort, "It's on the feature page!! They lied to us!!!"

    No they didn't ... not they didn't. NO, they didn't.

    These were not promises, just features they were shooting for.

    So let us ALL take a deep breath, remember it's a game and have fun with what you CAN do and have patience to wait for the cool things you will be able to do next.

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    what is really curious to me is that if you are so disgusted by all this .. why do you even post here or read these forums...

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    We have all developed an inflated sense of entitlement.
    purchasing a product, and expecting that product to be as advertised, is not fit the definition of entitlement.

    if this was a free beta/alpha test phase where players were in a f2p envirornment and were demanding that this or that pet feauture be implimented NOW...that would be an inflated sense of entitlement. It is not an inflated sense of entitlement to demand you get the product and services you paid for/that were advertised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    Mactavendish, read this post and get back to me. How close is this to the game you're currently playing? Notice his summary is prefaced by "IN THE PRELUDE." Many people bought this game to pvp and, yah, it didn't deliver, at all.
    The saddest thing of all is that Xsyon devs don't realize this. They don't realize who bought all the accounts that is currently funding their development.

    The problem is either A) Xsyon devs will destroy the game because they don't want PvP or B) they simply CANNOT add in PvP at this stage in the game because of so many other unfinished tasks.

    1) Put everything on hold
    2) Get PvP warfare working,
    3) Population increases by 10000%
    4) Profit

    Concept and systems design for a sandbox game is the easiest thing in the world. I'm not saying coding or programming is easy. I'm just saying they have absolutely zero idea what the player wants first.

    Let's just cut PvP out of the picture for one moment. WoW, a game with zero real PvP, is massively successful yes because of its popularity of course, but it BECAME successful because the PvE was EVERYWHERE.

    This game is a crafting/building sim, with PvE equivalent in difficulty to killing a critter in WoW and maybe once every 5-15 minutes you will find a mob. It's better since the patch, that's for sure.

    But you see what I mean? How can they properly have PvP when mobs can't even walk over granite (they can now?).

    Coding sieges and adding expansion zones is easier than AI adjustments. Why not do that first? It's actually extremely easy. No we don't even need animations...althought a rock flying through the air is essentially a built into the engine animation.... (space bar = fire projectile with variables such as gravity attached to it? ring a bell? it's so simple) you would just have to setup something like catapults and ladders and there you are done.

    Here is absolute proof. Every tribe advertises there war position typically first and foremost. Good, neutral, evil.

    "We kill all who stand in evils way" Templars
    "We kill all who stand in goods way" DHOV
    "We will bring war to those who invade our zone and also help in major causes"

    Poll to Hopi Tribe before they quit about Hopi members partaking in warfare. 75% of HOPI, yes HOPI, said they wanted warfare and would partake.

    All tribes were advertising for warfare. There is no tribe that just says and if you do find one, they are less than 10% of all players.

    "We love to craft and build. No PvP here.

    90+% want PvP and that's just a fact.

    IT'S NOT XSYON DEPENDENT, this is SANDBOX MMO dependent.

    Why????? Because this isn't a linear game....all successful sandbox games (ones that didn't close up shop) #1 content is the PvP....every, single, one.

    I'm not being arrogant, I was certainly in the top 5 for /played since launch. I know this game like the back of my fucking hand. PvPing with DDT was more exhilarating than anything I have ever crafted or built (even though I hate DDT and our city is the largest and most complete). Hell, at launch, 10v10 with Society of the Anvil was THE MOST FUN TO DATE, even though it was the old combat system and 1000 ping.

    I have built more than any one other person I can guarantee it... and the most fun wasn't building the city, it was the PvP. The terraforming, city building, crafting, resources gathering, it all was a means to the fun, PvP. Also, in itself design and construction CAN be fun. Also, it is there for variety. No one likes to PvP 24/7... but I can guarantee that the MAJORITY of sand box gamers spend more time PvPing than PvEing or crafting/building.

    Please DO NOT point toward the polls, they are so skewed it's honestly pathetic. People don't hate PvP, they hate being griefed. It's easy to setup a pre-siege system, giving them full warning. You know what else a pre-siege system will do? Give the player a chance to get his most valuable items to safety before the siege is allowed to commence. That's care bear enough IMO, as that is no where near realistic unless a scout was to inform you of an army headed your way. But having time to pack up and move....that is completely carebear enough.

    Final thing to Jordi and devs I really, really hope they don't mess up. Expansion totems.

    Expansion totem system WILL NOT WORK without zone separation between safe zone and expansion with trade routes in between. These trade routes are the ONLY way to get carts of goods from expansion land to safe land (i personally think carts should be able to travel on only roads everywhere in the game not just exp. land to safe land. however, you would need to add bridges to every road a river runs through to make this work).

    Seriously, 2 zones sounds pretty good. 2000meters walk on a main road to give your items ultimate protection (and that's if you are on the edge of the mist, could be more than 2k).

    If you allow expansion totems to be placed anywhere within that, near the safe zones, then you just defeated the purpose all together. No, far away isn't 500 meters. It's much more.

    ALSO, it will ONLY work if you set it up like the EVE system. A circle of expansion lands, ALL OPENED UP AT THE SAME TIME, with 2000meters of no totem land in between (perhaps strong mobs in this area though)

    (isn't this the most obvious developer decision in history of decisions? obviously you don't open up expansion lands section at a time...honestly...just brainstorm the massive problems with that just one more time...because I heard you were thinking of doing will kill ANY chance of population revival if you release a portion of the expansion totem lands at once).

    What you could (and should) do is open up a thinner amount of land in a complete circle aroudn the map. Maybe add 20% to the map radius all around. Do not receed the land 10 zones deep East or West past the current mist...whoever settles that far away will never get to interact with the rest of the world. It needs to be a gradual expansion, but completely equal in radius on all sides of the map.

    Seriously though, if you open up expansion lands to a corner of the world and not another corner...what do you think is going to happen? People who don't live in that corner are going to be absolutely pissed and likely quit, since you just effectively ruined the start of warfare by only allowing convenient access to expansion land if you were lucky enough to just so happen to place your totem in that area of the world.

    Sitting here typing this, this is sad. I shouldn't have to be. This is such basic stuff for a sandbox game. I understand that it is completely unpolished and mostly unfinished....HOWEVER, you guys made the poor decision of releasing the game early. I hope it wasn't for the cash because that shows how desperate a state this game is in.

    But, if you are going to release the game this unfinished, at least give people some conflict. I would enjoy terraforming and building a lot more on expansion lands. I would make the city much more strategically defensive and that part would be fun too. Because I know it would be something we have to protect. The thrill of losing the land is half the fun. And since we would KNOW going into expansion lands that anything we place here or build here can be stolen, we wouldn't have any reason to complain when someone steals 1000 hours of terraforming work.

    Why? Because you shouldn't have done so much work on an expansion land if you weren't confident you could defend it. The carebears would stick to building on safe land since most only seem to care about the looks of the city and wouldn't want anyone to steal what they have designed/built (completely understandable if you put in that much time to it).

    But the awareness of risk of building on expansion land and also the option to build worry free in safe totem area leaves NO EXCUSES. Seriously, none. You can't QQ about losing all your work in your expansion zone when you knew perfectly well there would be a legitimate chance that work into the expansion zone was all for nothing.

    Huge ramble, I hope someone reads it and doesn't mess up the last chance this game has, expansion, warfare and conquest. Good luck, even though you don't need it. You just need conflict.

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    Wall of text

    PS ......I understood what prelude meant, and don't understand why you or others didn't.

    PSS....I'm enjoying prelude....I win - you fail : )

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    EVE had expansions added in over time. They did not develop to their current state all at once. As the game developed, they continued to add in new space. The advantage they have, is they can put gates up, so you can cross any section of space. There is no land to tie in as it is all moving in an undefined blackness. However, I do like your idea of adding a 20% radius all the way around. They could add in one zone at a time and continue to square it as the land expands. The issue at this time, I do not see a need for expansion lands. Tribes haven't even filled the land that is available and, from what I've seen, the population drop has caused lands to be filled that should not be. ie totem decay... The safe lands is a good idea but not great, and this is coming from a carebear. I suck at PvP, always have and probably always will. However, I hate to play in a building sim where there is no risk to my business. That's why I prefer the games like EVE, DarkFall, and hopefully Xsyon. There is building/crafting with the chance that you'll get slaughtered. And the times the claws come out and the carebear wins, well, that win is even better. This game is truly missing the PvP/warfare aspect but safe lands and zone expansion is not going to fix this. Think about UO during the Fel/Tram split. This was a horrible idea and ultimately ended the rave fandom that UO had accomplished over the years. It's still running but it is nowhere near what it was when they did the split. Again, coming from a carebear.

    I would also like to point out the realism in warfare. A war declaration is common practice and secret ninja attacks are rare before the declaration has been given. So, the time to move items of value to a secure location is proper. Just don't make it ridiculous.


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    You know, it amusing to me when people parrot what the devs say and don't even realize they did it.

    ( pointing strictly at norcal here )

    They WILL have pvp combat, just not at this point ... yet.

    They want it to provide the risk and the entertainment, but they need to finish other things first. Unless you are an accomplished programmer, and unless you have personally coded for an MMO you really don't have any idea what is "easier".

    I do agree with you that pve needs to be everywhere and the simple joy of finding things in a junk pile need to be fixed so that players have a reason to keep doing it.


    The call for patience. I already know dub and ill don't understand and never will.

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    I knew what I was getting into when I put the money down and so did a lot of others.I am happy with the game and its fun to be a part of it as it grows.

    I also knew what I was getting into when I put money down for Earthrise I took a chance and wasent happy but I moved on I dont hang around there forums to bash it every chance I get.


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    Still happy about where i placed my money, im just eager to see where it ends up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mactavendish View Post
    THUS...The call for patience. I already know dub and ill don't understand and never will.

    you can add the other 95% of the players who have bought and quit xsyon since it's 'release' to my lack of understanding club.

    what you don't understand here, is that you need to buy the game first, then you need to pay to play it, and then one day, ONE DAY!! its gameplaybe may resemble that which you thought you were purchasing. But then again it may not. If if it does not, yes you must still exercise more patience, for iit will still come...maybe...But only if you're patient.

    I actually find this all quite amusing.

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