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    Likes and Dislikes

    Please post about what you like about the game and what you dont like and what you feel should be changed, Seeing as all you know where i stand, ill wont say it again :-)

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    I don't like the grass because its all the same grass just repeated it rotates with your camera and on a plan view its like paper
    I also dislike the way you do some animations without even holding an object e.g. gathering is just moving your arms then it appears on your back
    Id like the un-synchronisation to be fixed and the PVP doesn't quite feel right
    also some of the decals and objects are repeated alot ( the scrap piles look exactly the same )
    one more thing I dislike is maybe its just my PC but sometimes the outlines/the whole object is fuzzy lol

    I really like all the features and ideas
    I like the way the GPS works
    I like the sandbox and native american feel
    I like all the crafting,creating and building
    I enjoy hunting and grinding skills
    and I love all the cool items and recipes ( I want more of them definitely )
    the graphics are great and the detail is really nice
    I also like the feel of the game really developing

    Thats my extremely long list

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    Here's my - by no means complete - list.

    • The general setting.
    • Looks. Yes, I like how the game looks.
    • The general idea of gathering stuff left by a previous civilisation and making stuff out of it.
    • The rugged landscape.
    • The "no NPC" approach.
    • The "everything is player-made" approach. Screw the pre-order weapons.
    • That players can change the world.
    • That players can build their "home", their "camp, their "town", whatever it is.
    • That we do not have a map.
    • That we navigate by landmarks (More landmarks, please!), clouds, sun and GPS.

    • The obvious one: that the game is largely unfinished and unbalanced as of now.
    • The second obvious one: all the missing features.
    • The combat. I probably don't half understand it, but whenever I kill a bear I just go into a click-frenzy and after I've lost 30% to 40% of my health the bear is dead.
    • The somewhat stupid grind. I do not mind grind, but I dislike stupid grind, for example the "stand on granite for 30 hours and make countless foragers paddles" - and, he presto, after that you're a master toolcrafter.
    • That we get so many skill points. I would start all players will 1 skill point in all skills. I would give the players 3 skill points at level-up.
    • That we get auto-hitpoints at level-up. I would give the players no hitpoints at level-up but instead give them 1 stat point to put on a stat. (Happy to have less stat points to distribute at character creation.)
    • The easy, somewhat crazy crafting system: what, when I have a knife I can make a wrench out of a piece of rock?
    • The UI, especially chat interface.

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    1. The setting. It is NOT a fantasy, it uses modern items and tools.
    2. More realistic look to the environment. weather, leaves fall off trees, phases of the moon.
    3. Basic resources available to all.
    4. Animals that react more like real animals, you have to search to find them, and some avoid you if they can.
    5. Freedom to do what you want with the environment within reason. Don't expect to level granite by hand in real life, so good to see you can't here.
    6. Love the native american look and feel to things, but also appreciate the new, more medieval looking new architect pieces.
    7. Enjoy the fact that to have a second story structure in this setting will take more effort with piling up dirt. Seem very realistic given the resources at hand and the setting.
    8. Enjoy that idea that PvP is not the first order of business, since at the very beginning, folks would be more worried about food and shelter than what their neighbor has or does.
    9. NO map or compass. I personally love this after I got used to it. It make the world seem much more real and makes me feel like I can get lost if I am not very observant.

    That is not everything I like but enough to get a feel for my perspective.


    1. Not enough excitement or entertainment to retain players atm.
    2. Inconsistent hiding of grind. Some things we do that are grinds we never notice, some are so obvious that we despise them. would be better to give a valid reason for some of the more obnoxious ones, like you plan by putting in comfort and thirst effects. Please also give us a way to carry water, but with a weight penalty.
    3. Changes to the game that are 180 degree swings, not small reasonable adjustments. Example: recipes and scav'd items. At first it was WAY too easy, then it was tweaked and now some basic items needed just to play the game are impossible to find. This would be ok if the balancing tweak was a week are 2 at most later, but to wait a month.. or longer just disappoints MOST of your players. ( even though they wont say it )
    4. Things that seem unusually hard to accomplish with the game in it's current state. Example: Totem upgrade. Many of us have tribes with 40-80 players that only have 4-5 actual actives playing. We dare not remove anyone for fear of losing land, nor do we even think about moving elsewhere because of so many dead tribe totems out there and the fact that we automatically revert back to a 5 man tribe if we do. I know it may not seem fair to base the size simply on members since many don't play. But at the moment, I guess the question is... do you want to keep those you have playing or not? Maybe you should allow a tribe leader to upgrade without having to drop and have rejoin all those members so they can feel like they can retain the investment they have already. When totem decay is in the new tribes that form will have their shot as well.
    6. No real risk as of yet. I have lots of patience and can wait how ever long for changes to come about... however as we have seen, MOST other players cannot. Even if you have to dress up a few guides as mutant swamp monsters or rabid bears, we need SOMETHING to make us feel this is worth doing. I am currently building a massive gate and wall around our little area that should keep out roving bands of gankers or mutant bears... only there is nothing to protect against.
    7. Need a daily dose of coolness factor. Sadly, most players only focus on 1 or 2 things. rarely do they appreciate the efforts you went to in making this environment look so cool and inviting. In many games I would login and go exploring JUST to get scared by running over a ridge to see some monster turn his attention to me and give chase. We really need this here. I am never scared, I am never worried, I am never anxious.

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