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    G'day fellow Xsyon players.

    All new and very exited about playing this game which is a new genre to me ... not mmo but the survival theme and that it is an indie game.
    I've already talked with some of you in-game and want to thank you for the tips and the friendliness in the chat.

    Only major issue I've had so far was constantly crashing to desktop. Out of a little desperation, I switched back to windowed mode and that seemed to clear that problem for me. Well that and two bears running after me, heh.

    I'm a social type but I do like to be "on my own" in-game. It seems it will be rough ride playing mostly solo but I enjoy that. Also, in my opinion, a good way to learn a game and its basics. Here I like to throw a thank you to those who have posted guides and asked relevant questions on these fora.

    For an older burned-out themepark mmo'er this seems the right place to be now.

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    Welcome to the game, And hope you enjoy going solo.

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    Welcome to Xsyon :-)

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    Welcome, Severin. You seem to have the right mind set for Xsyon.

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    Thank you, survivors.
    So far I'm quite pleased. I made a new survivor (same name) once I realized that basketry (thanks to Zima, Vito and Wanderer) should be chosen as a crafting skill from the beginning. But I'm sure that only goes if one plays solo in the beginning: joining a tribe right away is, of course, another form of game-play.
    I found a good spot to settle down for a while, but I'm still exploring quite a lot to find a place that suits me better. Boy, is it dark at night, hehe.
    I seem to have a lot of animal-friends when I explore. Shame they don't like swim with me *cough*.

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