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    Cool Recommended Videos and Guides + Patching?

    Good day,

    After a bit of research, I decided that I wanted to try Xsyon for a bit and see if it was something I could grow to love. As it stands, my research indicates that this is more sandboxy than Darkfall, which is great, and hopefully, a lot less stress-inducing.

    I love crafting, and have played various games that require some kind of crafting or housing... so Xsyon's crafting focus seems right up my alley. I am, however, unable to find more current or really representative videos of the game to really sell me on it, so if other folks would be kind enough to link me recommended YouTube Videos or guides other than the official youtube page, that'd be awesome.

    Lastly, I have an issue with regard to the file size of the game. Am I correct in assuming that one needs to purchase this game before the game can be patched? How large is the initial download based on the latest installer?

    ONE MORE THING (EDIT): How long does it take for their billing to recognize a new paying customer? If I'd like to go ahead and patch asap, this'd be good to know.

    Again, thank you for your time. Chances are I'll support Xsyon, but knowing more would be great for me to maximize my time spent on the computer.

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    Hello iamstillwater.
    For YouTube videos just searh there for Xsyon and then by upload date. Some good guides there all from creating a character to crafting and terraforming. The forum here can also help you out; just use the search funtion below the top banner.
    In-game there will other players willing to help you with your questions. I've yet to see any unfriendly players in the world chat (/y) but I havn't played long. So far all have been very helpful.

    As far as I rememer it's only like 1.6 gb and yes, you need to purchase it first. But since I'm quite new around here others might correct me.

    Good luck and all that jazz. Hope to see you in-game.

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    Thanks for the info.

    I hope to see you in game as well. I'll be purchasing it when i get home, and then patching this sucker for some crafting time.

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    It can be a bit rough to get started; only a few tools is avalible depending of what profession you focus on from the beginning. I think you need to choose basketry profession from the beginning in order to make baskets, and you do need those to store all the resources you can get in this game.
    You can, of course, try to join a tribe right away: that will give you an easier access to tools. But there are a bunch of helpful players that are more than willing to give you some starter tools if you want to solo first.
    It's an open world. The choice is yours.

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