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    Questions for the week 8/01 through 8/07

    Please post your questions to the Devs below.

    Thank you.

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    I keep hearing about things people talk about you say in emails to them or talk to them in game about. Is there a list to some of these questions so others can read these answers to questions we all have? It seems almost like some people are getting early information just by emailing you. Should we all be emailing Xsyon all the time to get faster answers to questions?

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    Hey Guys,

    i have a regrown tree near my camp...

    But somehow i can destroy its (old) stump.

    Its kinda like a Tree in a stump, or vice versa...

    Is that a bug, or "normal"?


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    1. When are we going to see carts?

    2. How many will we be able to choose from?

    3. If we can choose from multiple carts, do they then differ in their speed, maximum cargo load etc?

    4. Will it be Woodcrafters that can create them?

    5. The new combat is awesome.. When will we see an awesome ranged system ?

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    1. Can you, or have someone update the "Xsyon In Development" page please, to show what has been done in-game and what is now in progress. Thanks

    2. With all this cart talk, Are you really going to add wheels into the game already? Or will it be more like a sled?

    3. With as much work that is still ahead of you and the team, Whats the chances of you adding a little *fluff to the game any time soon?

    *Fluff: Means something that is not game changing but is light hearted, soft and easy to do, or a pretty pretty(Think shiny). E.g. Furniture, Statues, Wells, New road looks

    4. Any idea how soon or far off lighting will be added into the game? E.g. New looking camp fires, Torches that can be place in the ground / on the wall / or carried by hand, Personal and hanging lanterns

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    in your development updates you said *revised thirst a hunger* Does this mean we will have the ability to starve or is that planned for the future? Also if doesnt mean that, can you elaborate on it some more? Also, blades and old saw blades are still not droping, How soon can we expect to see a high increase in drops for scav? Also will you guys be able to tell us where things will be and what they do? (we also need this info if you really want us to test things, as it stands atm we dont have a clue what drops where and atm nothing is droping but same as we keep saying, So we cant test things to make sure their actually working.)

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