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    Lightbulb Raiders

    I know NPC's for stores and ones you can talk to are pretty much out of the question atm. But I don't see why we can't have humanoid NPC's to fight in random places around the world. Personally I think its lame in games like wow where you can sit and fight the same NPCs over and over and they just keep spawning. But why not just make them like animals? Have roaming raiders that move from populated area to populated area stealing items from bins across the map, not HUGE amounts of items but small amounts. Sometimes they may even burn down a building or reduce durability of a gate that kept them from loot. Then have them drop that loot for the player that kills them, so you could get crap or you could get some great stuff. This would give us a reason to fortify more important and rare items and somthing to keep watch against. The hardest skills to train right now are combat (for those of us who don't exploit multiple accounts) give us something to fight other than bears.

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    I think what you are asking for will be in game, At lest in parts when zombies are added.

    I think your right when you said,
    I know NPC's for stores and ones you can talk to are pretty much out of the question atm
    But the way you outlined your "Raiders" idea, I would not call them the BAD NPC's, They would act more like mod's. But with a little better AI for raiding and looting player camps. And with so few people playing right now this may be welcomed by some in the game. I could see how raider/zombie hunting could give us something to do for a few weeks while we wait on the next content update.

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