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    Test Server Combat Feedback Request 8/02

    Greetings Survivors,

    Please post any and all feedback regarding the new changes to the combat system here.

    The Combat changes have only been applied to the Test Server, which all players can enter and join us testing.

    Thank you.

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    One thing I have noticed, though it isn't "new" is that while panning left or right your mouse will "stick" stopping movement for a short time. Is this something that is planned on and is going to be kept or can we remove this small annoyance? (this seems to be fixed now)

    It looks like unarmed range is longer than armed range. I couldn't do that great of testing on this but I believe I could hit mobs with my fist at a longer range than with my axe. Others might want to further test this. I didn't have anyone readily by me to test properly.(tested isn't the case)

    Damage is a little low, I know before that fights were to fast but with the current values it would a full minute or so hitting someone with every swing.

    The log for combat really does need to be split off into it's own chat tab. Can't talk with anyone while fighting or training.

    Thats's all for now will add more as it comes up.

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    Tested this for several hours. Cleared my camp out twice c. 5 bears each time plus 5-6 bears in the neighborhood. After a couple deaths, I managed to run to the bone armor bins and up my armor from 201 to 245. I also used accumulated skill points to raise blades and armed combat to 40. After that one-on-one with a single small bear, I managed to win with 20% health left. Normally, I would be at 70-80%.

    I use blades. The swings seem to be a little slower than on live. The good thing about having to take so many swings to kill a bear is that skill raises fast--I went from 40 to 44 in armed combat, 40 to 43 in blades, and 8 to 9 in axes. The axes point came from having to use my preorder Dissector part of the time since it still gives axe experience. The bad part is that I wore out two knives. One I'd been using for a month and started in normal condition, but the other was pristine and had Moderate High Durability. Since knife blades are exceedingly rare these days, I'll exhaust my supply of knives and blades in a month or less of normal play.

    In a side note, armor wear appears to be all on the breastplate which ended the night in good condition from pristine.

    There was one bear on granite that was stuck there. I haven't seen this for a couple weeks.

    I don't find the new system any more enjoyable. I can't seem to successfully block or parry and haven't found that a specific direction of attack which is more effective against bears than another. Full disclosure: I didn't grow up playing video games as I'd passed the quarter century mark when Pong came out.

    I'm for making critters harder, but I think as things stand with the current "all bears, all the time" spawn, if these combat changes go live it will kill the game. I have months of leveling with the accompanying hit point bonus, decent leather and bone armor, and very high quality weapons plus my preorder weapon. My camp also has several safe places to rest and my running skill is maxed. A new character, even with a young person's reflexes, will have none of that. Starter weapons will wear out in a fight or two. This isn't standard MMO combat, but there are currently no low level critters spawning to practice on--only bears. Surviving a close fight means a five minute rest. Bears seem to be on a 5 to 10 minute spawn timer, so there's a good chance another bear will be along before a character is healed enough to fight.

    Xsyon has a steep enough learning curve as it is without a bear in your face every five minutes. Few new players will stick if they get sent back to the Founders Isle a couple times an hour.

    I wouldn't mind it if the largest bear was an tough fight for a combat spec'ed character with the best gear, if these were fairly rare. As things stand the bear cubs are a pretty tough fight, two are near certain death, and there is one cub every 100-200 meters.

    Fix the spawns to bring back non-bears and fix the scavenging tables first if you value your customer base.


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    For me the camera seemed to "stick" as the poster above described which really hinders the fluidity of combat.

    When you hold a swing and then hold parry it interrupts the swing and holds a parry. But when you let go of parry and still have the swing button held, it does not go back to holding the swing. What's the problem? This disallows "dancing" between holding a swing to holding a parry to holding a swing by pressing and releasing the parry button while always holding the swing button. Making this simple change would add to strategy and fluidity of combat by allowing swing jukes/fakes.

    1) change it so that holding melee swing before holding parry will go back to melee swing after holding parry in whatever direction is indicated after releasing parry. (ie, hold left swing, parry right, release parry while motioning up to go to overhead swing.)

    2) Fix camera sticking bug

    3) Change the sidestep animation so that it is more in line with Mount & Blade movement (which is slower).

    4) Make weapon bounce back after successful parry.

    5) Fix camera zoom to third person close up while in combat mode so you can't zoom way out. This will probably solve some camera issues and increase immersion at the same time.

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    We are testing a new creature distribution on the test server right now. This should have an even amount of creatures spread around in family groups. For those interested, please come to the Test Server to help check things out before we patch this to the main server.


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    well i found a marmot that was a human AI, took a bit to down him but i enjoyed the fight, honestly i was wishing he had gear on and weapons n that woulda been fun XD (ill post more when i test more if i can again)

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    Creature distribution is much improved. Went through several zones this evening and found 8 different types of critters, singly and in groups.

    One animal AI problem seems to have been introduced. When an animal stands on hits hind legs it neither attacks nor defends. I fought one big silverback bear that spent nearly the entire fight on its hind legs. Based on last night's experience I expected a quick trip back to my totem, but the bear didn't do any more damage to me than a pine martin did. It would be nice if a bear stood up and roared for a few seconds in a fight. It's intimidating when a bear stands twice your height, but being a clever human I'll take that time to stick it in the belly. (It's humiliating when a raccoon stands up and towers over you, but at least they go back to all fours.)


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    This is feedback from the live server post patch. My Dissector blade is still very slow. I use other moderate quality crafted knifes instead and they are at least twice as fast in combat. Problem with that, as mentioned above, is I wore one out in one deer kill.

    Also, the amount of text during combat is distracting How about a summary at the end instead.

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    Well on a personal note, Iím glad to hear the FINALY made a noticeable attempt to balance the preorders...

    As to the combat mods, perhaps decay on the weapons is a bit high; they do break after a fight or two, now that the fights last longer. Balance always is a delicate thing.

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    Putting my feedback here, although it's for the live server, you guys were very fast to put the test server version live, 1 day after the original post?

    1. Distribution of mobs: when I logged in Thursday (after patch) distribution was better (I saw coyotes, deer, rats, dogs and bears on my home mountain), the longer I played however, the more stuck mobs I saw. Currently I have 4-6 coyotes that are stuck at my wall.

    Couldn't find deer today though.

    2. Combat: sadly not for me. I suck at "twitch action" combat, never played any FPS or so, not my piece of cake. I'm aware that many players and developers currently favour more "involved" combat. Sadly it's not for me, I'm just an old dog. The amount of attack rounds to kill a nice and easy coyote is staggering. I guess I need more than 30 attacks for it.

    The fat old black bear that currently lives on my junkpile is another story: after a few hundred! mouseclicks my hit points are close to zero while the bear still has 95% of his heathbar left. Yep, I suck at this type of combat.

    Edited to add: I think I get by far too much experience for killing a coyote (1 coyote gives me about 10% of my xp bar).

    Edited again: Did find 3 deer, all stuck on steep granite though.

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