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    Healing: Herbs, band-aids etc.

    Just thought we could throw up some easy to make ways of healing faster.
    - Everyone should pretty much know that a bear can take you down below 50% HP (variates with players) quite easy and you can't really regain it without sitting/laying for quite a while.

    -I- would prefer a type of plant/herb to begin with. An easy natural way of healing yourself. I'm not asking for a new icon for the herb. Just a new name and a bonus to hp regen. I find it more important that we get these even with the same icons as already in-game herbs than not having them at all.

    None of the healing effects are instant. They should all provide regenerative healing effects, a boost to your normal healing rate if you will. Why, if you look at the real world, it is very little natural medicine that actually heals you instantly (if any ). It is mainly the online world where it happens. Good ol' Greater Healing . Really, it would just add to the realism perspective.
    The 1/10 etc. are nothing but percentages of your hit points a herb will heal over time. If you give them a short duration they will provide you with a quick regenerative boost. If you provide them with a longer duration they will provide a slower, but more permanent regeneration.
    Herb with minor healing properties: This would be the common variety of healing herbs.
    - Can be found with a relatively low forage skill.
    - Won't heal you for all that much 1/10 - 2/10 HP.

    Herb with some healing properties: This would be the uncommon variety of healing herbs.
    - Can be found at medium forage skill, but appears less often than the minor version.
    - Will heal you for about 2/10 - 5/10 HP.

    Herb with greater healing properties: This would be the rare variety of healing herbs.
    - Can only be found with a high forage skill and it is a feat finding it.
    - Will heal you for about 5/10 - 8/10 HP.
    - Could provide you with a minor fortitude buff. (You feel invigorated)

    Band-aids: Coming soon.

    The reason for different levels of forage required is to try and get some actual benefits of getting a higher skill in something (except the quality). Which imho is highly needed in almost all skills.

    The values for which they heal can always change. Those were just a few numbers thrown on the table so people could see the idea. So can any other kind of extra such as buff and skill.

    Other people having other ideas or alterations? I know quite a few mentioned band-aids. Though my idea of a band-aid is more; Stop bleeding and remove chances of infection than it is healing so I won't comment on that.
    Other people mentioned magic and although I'm dying to see how they would implement magic in this world it might be a bit far out :P, still it would be nice to get some ideas of healing through magic on the table !

    On a side note I was trying to find some healing herbs on the interwebz which could be found in the Lake Tahoe basin, but all I got was these, what I take as, scam websites trying to sell you their junk. I'll look into wiki soon enough.

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    Well, we already have a berry called "Self Heal" that can be found. They're not exactly common but also not super-rare, I probably have around 20 of them.

    Sadly they don't heal you when you eat them. Neither do they fill your stomach.

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    I think it speeds up or are supposed to speed up regen when you sit/lay though I'm not entirely sure. The icon could however be used :P.
    I remember finding them around the lake on occasions back pre-launch.

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    I have feared for some time that healing may be done wrong here, No real reason why. I just don't want it to be some type of presto chango your healed 100% by someone standing ten feet/meters away from you. Nor do I want some type of healing power to heal people when they are fighting. I just don't want to see that type of healing in this type of game.

    As far as the OP goes, I love it. I'm hoping in this game being hurt may lead to dieing if it is not fixed. Say your in a PvP fight and you win, Hold the cheers for now because you have a few bad cuts and you may bleed out if not worked on be a healer. And healing should take at lest the same amount of time as it took to get hurt in the first place.

    Great job on this VeryWiiTee, I like the fact that you did not have every herb heal you 100%.

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    The way I'm imaginening herbs being done is basically just a speeded recovery as any medicine in the real world basically just is. You're never cured wupti-fucking-doo by a potion, pills (tablets to be true now a days) or herbs. It's a process that takes time, just as a herb should just speed up your hp regeneration until the regen has reached it's full potential (this being the 2/10 - 3/10 HP etc).
    I think that people should be allowed to eat herbs regardless of combat or not, the hp they give you in total will just be severely reduced so that you can't just out-heal your opponent's hits in combat (since technically you are still regenerating).

    Rare healing plants can bring along buffs.

    This way you can also make herbs that removes basic poisons, not more advanced poisons (that'll be with cooking I suspect).

    Whereas I see bandaids have other purposes than healing they are more preventive measures.
    They can prevent bleeding (of course the band-aid's quality, durability and what kind of band-aid it is affects how many times you need to change the band-aid to stop the bleeding.)
    - These can be little mini-games.

    Message: You have been wounded (you're losing blood)

    You apply a band-aid (bleeding stops)

    *After some time*

    Message: The band-aid can no longer sustain the blood. (You start to lose blood again effectively HP)

    You apply a new band-aid. (bleeding stops again)

    *After some time*

    Message: The band-aid has successfully stopped the bleeding.

    They will prevent infections in the wound. (Infections can bring on a whole new deal of problems for a character.)
    They will speed up recovering from a wound (as your body won't have to deal with germs etc in the numbers it would have without a band-aid).

    I think that herbs and band-aids are within the limits of what is currently in-game. I won't comment on the magic part (healing) until we at least know how it is going to be done. Which is until we get some info on the plans about magic and how it will be used. I wouldn't mind regenerative spells, but I agree that instant hp healing seems wrong.

    I'll sort the OP properly later..

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    I like this idea and I think it should be done like this.

    Minor changes though. Why not make these herbs last longer?

    1/5th of your HP bar for a buff is almost nothing. Its like 10 seconds of healing time saved.
    Even the best one is only minor at 3/4th of your healing bar. (These are over time so you are only saving maybe 30 seconds worth of time).

    I believe because these are over time they should heal a lot more. Lowest should increase healing rate by like 10% for like 2 mins of healing. This would mean you would have a perma buff to healing (or a limiting time like 1 or 2 hours) of healing 10% faster until it heals 2 mins worth of healing.

    So say you get hit for 22 damage, your normal healing rate is 1 HP per second. This would give you 1.1 HP per second, it will use up 20s worth of the 120s total it has of healing power.

    Then you could have a stronger herb that says 150% faster healing rate, for 2mins. You take the same damage, 22 and same base healing at 1 HP per second, now it would be 2.5, and it would only take 8.8 seconds to heal that damage and only 8.8s off the 120 total healing.

    Im not trying to say your idea is wrong or bad, just saying they should last longer. In your system the effect is barely even worth the cost of eating the item and finding the items.

    Bandages I believe should be done where it gives insta healing of a very minor amount like 10% of the wound, with increased healing over time. Depending on your bandaging skills and the QL of the bandage, and how bad the wound is should give chance to fail.

    You should have advanced bandages with salves and ointments of them. These would take herbs and other foraging skilled items to get, and maybe add a new skill for medic which would allow making of these salves and ointments along with treating wounds with them.

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    Oh, no I haven't put up any timer at all . Whether it takes 30s or 30min of regenerating is up to the developer. Personally I would prefer a slow healing method in accordance to real life perspective so I'm actually quite fond of your addition .

    The 1/10 - 3/10 etc is just the total amount of health healed over a specific amount of time. The time should somewhat be relevant to the quality of the given healing herb of course.
    You can play around with it. Shorter buffs gives a quick boost whereas longer buffs will give a slower but more permanent regen. The values are just examples really.

    If the lowest heals 1/10 of your hp, it will over time increase your regen with 0,1 or 10% . I don't want them to heal a set HP amount, but a set percentage of your hp. What it ends up with being is of course not up to me.

    *Edited the OP*

    I think I get yours DDT, I also think we're on the exact same page.

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