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    Postapocalytic hello from Isildor

    Just wanted to make a short introduction.

    I play the game since yesterday and iam just HOT.
    Its really really nice, and fun.
    Even getting spawnbeared is fun (especially cause i CAN kill them now ).

    Found a nice little spot south from Tallac, and settle there with my friend.

    Wanted to say thanks to my great neighbours Zima and Severin whom made the game very easy to solostart for me.

    Yeah, right, solo
    I just love that theme...
    Mankind nearly rotted out after some apocalypse, probably nuclear war or sth...

    So i decided to go solo and be neutral.. maybe trade or something to live...
    But dont do the same error again, and get in contact with too much people

    Of course, youre all welcome, its really fun to talk with you all.
    As much as i learned in that short time, its a really nice and friendly community here.

    So have fun and dont get beared

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    Welcome to Xsyon

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    Welcome to the game, hope you stick around to enjoy the development of somthing fun.

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