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    Hey all. New player.

    Hey everyone. I finally took the plunge and bought an account here.

    For any of you that remember me, I'm Gawain from Roma Victor (as I hear many RV Vets play here). Any tips on getting started and what not would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Welcome, would suggest reading the fourms-games manual and when your ingame type /y for global and ask questions. If you need a tribe theirs always mine or plenty of others around. Pop is very small atm, but the game can be fun. (read the game manual before u even make your character and read the fourms as well) that way u make the perfect char :-)

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    Welcome Gawain, glad to see another RV player.

    Did you have plans to solo or work in a tribe?
    Solo you will want to take basketry right now because you cant learn baskets without starting with the recipes. You will need them to store items. A lot of players can make baskets but they are used a lot and I would hate to have you rely on other players for basket items like baskets.

    Tools are sorta hard to come by at first, so work with other players many people will either give free tools or for some labor or basic items they will trade you some. I would say train up your toolcrafting a bit just to get the basic tools you need to do any crafting you need.

    Other than that no real tips.
    Good luck, if you need more help ask me on the forums or hit me up in game. Type /w MrDDT text for a whispers in game. /y for global and dont worry about using it for questions everyone does.

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    @fatboy21007 Reading the manual was quite helpful, good idea. I almost missed it!

    @MrDDT Yeah, I figured out that basketry thing a few hours into the game. Luckily I found a tribe so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Hopefully you can get the recipe in-game soon without needing to start with it.

    Thank you both for the help; it's appreciated.

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