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    Questions for the week 8/08 through 8/14

    Please post your Questions to the Devs Below.

    Thank you.

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    When do you think we will start to see events happen in game?

    Whats your plans for what types of NPCs that will be coming into the game?

    Whats your vision for PVP in this game?

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    I chose basketry and can make one "range" of baskets after raising the skill extensively. Why did you decide not to have the whole range of basket recipes open up for those who choose the skill at character creation?

    New players who do not choose basketry at character creation will never be able to make any type of basket unless they find a recipe. Nobody has ever found one yet. Why have you chosen this path when new players are finding it very hard and many leave the game very quickly?

    The scavenge table is STILL broken, even after you have "fixed" things in the new patch. Nobody has found an old saw blade for example. What are you going to do about this? Most people i have talked to prefered how it was before you tried to fix it the first time.

    Animals are extremely scarse even though this was apparently fixed in the last patch. When can we expect a decent amount of creatures to hunt?

    Do you employ a developer to play the game and relay the problems they encounter directly to the dev team, so you can have a totally unbiased account of the things that are very frustrating, the things that make the game unplayable in some ways and to report the things that are working well? Players are often too biased, with their own agendas, and this i believe is why the loot table for example was changed to a worse state in the first instance. It really feels like none of the dev team play the game and so are very distant from the real issues and which ones to prioritise ingame.

    Why did we see some things fixed in the resourse table, such as shells, chalk, obsidian and flint showing up at a much more reasonable rate for about 2 weeks, but now they never show up again (with the exception of flint)?

    One time all the tree stumps grew back trees. Many people thought that was awesome. Why did you decide not to make this happen every spring as was mentioned?

    Can you give us an update on the status of carts etc? For example, what are you making first - carts, sleds, mounts? When can we expect to see some way to move large numbers of items?

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    Forum posters have been asking for more content that sandbox players can use to create purpose, What new content, in your opinion, can you create soon, for them to do just that? Thanks for your time.

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    Will a standalone roof with no walls or floor protect against item/container decay?

    Is there a mechanism to prevent "unlearning" basic starter patterns like thread and straps? If not, is there a mechanism for regaining these.

    You mentioned that:
    You will have to explore and get away from your safe zone for a good chance at new materials and architecture recipes.
    Virtually all the junk piles in Round Hill are either within my safe zone or paved over. Does this mean I won't be able to find the rare items in Round Hill but others might if they scavenge on my piles; anyone can find these items, but they will have to get extra lucky on the non-junk table away from any camp; or these items unattainable?


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    When will Farming and Cooking be implemented along with Animal Meat?

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    Looking for confirmation of the following for future planning:

    Jimmy...has been abandoned buy his tribe and now sits lonely on his own in a tribe area meant for 50.
    Does Jimmy have to worry about the future developers plans to deal with him, will his area shrink/will items decay quicker outwith a certain area etc or will he be fine

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