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    So i just bought it.. and after like 15 mins i finaly found the client dl'er, then dled the game and pached up and logged in.. woaa another loggin screen.. Now im stuck "Invallid password /account" how the **** do i get pass this?

    Added after 17 minutes:

    is there a difrent password/ account name as soon after u get pass the patcher?

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    it should be the same


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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    Welcome to the buggy mess that is xsyon, where nothing works properly and you'll be censored beyond your wildest imagination.

    And you wonder why =)

    As far as the OP, if you having trouble logging in with the information you created the account with you should try to contact tech support. I know it's a flimsy response but I have never heard of anyone having this issue before.

    Good luck and hope to see you in game soon.

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    I had this exact same issue before, try adding a space after the last letter in your username. That resolved my problem.

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    I wonder if they are every going to remove the double log in screens?

    To the OP.

    It should be the same.

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    please e-mail

    and it'll get fixed ASAP

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