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    What do you LIKE?

    I love the fact I can terraform the lad into a more usable platform on which to build.

    I like the face that you pieces to build with not 7-8 prefabed houses that look nice.. and boring.

    I like the fact that the seasons affect the environment and that trees have begun regrowing.

    I like the fact that animals act a bit more like animals really do and it makes hunting take ... hunting.

    I like that the devs are actually listening to players and that we can help shape the game.

    And lately I also like the fact its not all handed to me.

    What do you LIKE?

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    I like that I can ignore people on the forums and in game.

    I like that the dev team listens to the players.

    I like that I can kill people and hear them cry for hours.

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    I like it that I can craft endless stacks of invisible granite- and limestone bricks (invisible because thousand bricks are hidden in 1 tiny basket).

    I like it that the one 'bug' I submitted was fixed in the latest patch (actually it were some spelling errors)

    I like it that I have fun again in World Of Warcraft, thanks to the tedium I often experience after playing Xsyon for a day (for some great PvE action WoW is teh King)

    I like it that bears actually exist and attack you while crafting (actually I don't like that but still )

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    I like, what people are posting what their like

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    I like that more people are returning to the game.

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    I like Beer.
    I like Porn.
    I like watching sports.
    I like watching female midgets wrestle in jelly.
    I like peanut butter on toast with the crust cut off.
    I like sticking the Halal stickers on pork legs or bacon and placing them back in the Muslim section at the supermarket then casually loittering in the area to giggle at the outcome.....

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