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    Combat on hold...and give us REASONS...


    Anyone else agree or otherwise that by say the end of this week combat should be put on hold, and all efforts should be switched to giving players reasons to use the new combat system/craft certain items and build certain buildings.

    Ive been trying to think of a reason to do things other than for the asthetic value and thought i had one...

    use new combat system to go hunt animals...why?
    so i can get bones...why?
    cos i wanna be a bone crafter...why?
    cos i believe bone absorbs more damage than other stuff ....why?
    cos when i PvP i wanna be well protected for my fighting style ....why?
    erm why? do i wanna PvP cos there is nothing i want to loot from the player except maybe saw blades but even then i dont really want them......

    I think the above generally applies to to all professions at the moment there seems to be nothing apart from visual appearance of item/buildings as the only reason to make stuff. There has been little progress in this from what i can tell yeh item bonus stats have been added but seems to be placeholder text rather than actually workable ingame (see my other post in crafting)

    Anyway after all that waffle lol anyone else agree to put combat on hold and now give us reasons and entertainment value.....

    Sorry if this goes over stuff already said but I think its important and needs brought up until something is done

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    I agree about putting it on hold but IMO they need to fix 3 things Quality of tools or quality itself thats not working,animals unstuck this time for good like they did with DC prob and scavenging.While the whole scaving thing dont bother me much its really hurting the new player base.

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    I totally agree with you Inhabit.

    I have been saying this same thing for some time now that we REALLY need a reason to do things.

    Sure I love to build, but frankly that is not holding new players that join the game.

    All of us have lots of experience with new players joining, play a few days and then quietly vanish.

    We need a REASON to try and survive. Building a town with no possibility of it being invaded makes a town pointless.

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    Sure new thing to or a REASON would be great but we see new people on every day and all we say over and over is oh thats broke oh you cant find those oh you need to re roll for that then because its broke.Im sure the there not thinking man wish i had a REASON there thinking F this nothing works.

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    Here is the thing, What you are asking is a wide and broad question in general. Don't get me wrong, A lot of us are asking the same thing. Why would I want to PvP, There is nothing I want to loot that I have not made or had made for me many times already.

    I'll list the few things that "I think" that needs changing that will help promote not only PvP, But promote better game play over all.

    Limited prime resources locations
    *Limited ultra rare resources in only a few locations.

    Limites on how many different crafting skill classes per player character

    End fast death travel to totem
    *Add death penalty

    Add ultra rare recipes for armor and weapons

    prime resources locations
    With the way resources are right now, All you need is time and you can find everything that everyone else can. From the way I understand it, There are hidden harvesting nodes for scavenging. If it works as they said, If you drop your tribe totem close to one of the hidden harvesting nodes for scavenging. Then you just killed it for you and your tribe from being able to scaveng any resources that are associated with that node. Because they are trying to make us travel to find resources. Yes I think giving us reasons to travel is something that needs to be done, But what they are doing is killing a big reason to set of tribal totems.

    So that's the problem as I see it, And here is what I think needs to be done. Flip it 180 degrees and make it when you set a totem close to a hidden harvesting nodes for scavenging. It makes it easier to be scavenged with a higher percentage rate of finding more. Also making it so that there is only a limited number of prime resources locations in the world. This will give us a reason to fight over land and/or trade with othere tribes. Also adding an limited ultra rare resource in only a few locations around the world. Making it where only a few tribes can control the ultra rare resource. Giving more reasons to trade, and/or PvP over the land and raiding trading party's coming and going from the tribal land that has the ultra rare resource.

    Limit crafting skill classes per player character
    Here is the problem, Right now giving time anyone can grind there way up to 100 in every class. I know that there is going to be some type of cap to keep people from doing everything. But if they do not limit how many crafting classes you can do from the first time you spawn in-game. This will not promote social gaming, Be it tribal grouping, trade, or pvp to loot what you need from others.

    I think that when you spawn for the first time in-game you should only have the skill to make what ever crafting class you started with. I think we should be able to learn new skills in other crafting classes so that later if we wish to change what our main crafting is we can. Also by giving us a limit on how many types of crafting classes we can do, This should make us start looking around to see who we can kill and loot or trade to get what we need.

    End fast travel to totem.
    I know they are trying to keep greifing down, But I think fast travel kills game play, And as such, It kills PvP. I don't think that you should respawn right back on top of the place you died on. But I really don't think you should give people the easy way home after dieing, Or a way to go to the othere side of the world and decide I want to go home and find a way to kill themself real fast to go home in an blink of an eye. There needs to be a real death penalty, And being sent home is not it.

    I think it would work if when you was killed, You would respawn in a random direction 100m away. This would give a runner like me away to try and stay away from the attacker so I'm not looted any more. But it would also keep people far enough away so they could not keep respawning and starting the fight seconds after they died. Giving the attcacker a chance to loot and get away or hunt them down to fight again.

    I also think a a real death penalty would make PvP mean a lot more, Say something like your stats in str, agi, fort would all lose 5 points for 5 minutes, If killed/die again before that timer is done. You lose another 5 points in them again and now the timer is reset for 15 minutes, Die one more time before the timeer is over and you lose 5 more poins and timer is reset for 30 minutes. At this point every time you die before the timer is done you lose 5 more points and the timer restarts at 30 minutes. Harsh I know, But this would keep people from running back into the fray right after dieing, And even if they did they would lose more and more and become useless in the fight after so many times. This would only be a timed lose of stats, After the timer is done, Your stats go back to where they was.

    ultra rare recipes
    This would tie into the ultra rare resources.
    This would be something that could only be found by scavenging, And only a few would be in the world. The recipe would be for one armor or weapon set that needed a ultra rare resource. Giving them higher stats and buff's making them the best in the game, At lest for the time being. I think this would give pvp players something to fight for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inhabit View Post

    Anyone else agree or otherwise that by say the end of this week combat should be put on hold, and all efforts should be switched to giving players reasons to use the new combat system/craft certain items and build certain buildings.

    I hear you, Inhabit, and I have sympathies with your suggestion.

    However, the developers are somewhat between a rock and a hard place here. Whatever they do will be wrong. Either people will say "Now we have a combat system but nothing to fight for" or they will say "Now we have our precious locations and rare resources but cannot fight over them".

    Whatever the devs do will be wrong. Yes, I know, all that should have been in-game long before launch but things are as they are. It's just a fact (in my opinion at least) that we have a half-finished game. There's a lot of features that are missing, the devs need to do those one after the other and - again, in my opinion - the order isn't really that important.

    It'll be a long time until the feature list is implemented for sure.

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    Good to see some of you guys are finally seeing the game the way those who have quit see it.

    But really, combat needed to be better if they were going to work on anything combat related (like siege warfare and more complex PvE or EvP)

    Oh and one problem for you aliksteel. Safe zones. How does that encourage PvP? Being closer to the totem increases chance of scavenging? This system only works without safe zones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    Good to see some of you guys are finally seeing the game the way those who have quit see it.

    But really, combat needed to be better if they were going to work on anything combat related (like siege warfare and more complex PvE or EvP)
    Sounds as if your happily thinking that more people may quit. That should help fix things.

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    I'd agree crafting needs work.

    Impose restrictions on when you can actually get inspired and which recipes you can get at your current level. Recipes that stands out from the more normal recipes (in that they use the new bonuses a lot more frequent than the old ones). Maybe customization.

    I don't see the point of adding bonuses to buildings (be it comfort or actual buffs to crafting) yet. I would like a working comfort and general decay system and housing being introduced at the same time, so I'd like to see some work put into those three foremost of all. General decay alone should add more reasons to PvP as it would be a way of sustaining your weapons/armors without having to craft it.
    @Aliksteel problem with restricting people to one crafting class is they had to dump the learning skill for now at least and a lot of solo players were whining. Though it would indeed be way better if you could learn it off other people.

    This isn't really important just a bit of rant.
    I wonder.. what if you switched the 'why pvp?'-thingy out with why pvp? to get stronger ie. getting better skills to gain more hit points and defeat your opponents more easily also the feat learning new tricks.
    That was some of my first thoughts why I would pvp. The other seems a bit misplaced for me as I don't PvP to loot, but to keep people off my tribes turfs :P.

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    I agree, we need reason to do stuffs. Combat fix doesn't help if everything in the game is pointless.

    We should die without food/drink, we should get frozen and die during the winter without proper clothes and shelter for the night. Buildings should add bonuses, like if you sleep on the ground during the summer your character wake up tired with low energy and low comfort. During the winter we should die if sleeping outside. Even rains and wet clothes should reduce comfort, running speed and strength. Wet clothes during the winter should end up in death after a short while, that would give reason to build bridges.

    Buildings should add more advantages, like a better storage system, machines which can help with crafting, personal shops, oven to make better food, etc. We should be able to rent a house/bed for a friend or a stranger for a fee. Higher level furniture should add more bonuses.

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